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Decoding Your Own Self: Are You An Empath Or Just A Highly Sensitive Person

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by Conscious Reminder

Until a few years ago, there wasn’t much information about Empaths or their abilities.

That situation has undergone a radical change, so much so that not only are they talked about much on the internet but we even have Empaths as fictional characters in movies, Mantis from GOTG2 anyone?

The flipside of this new found popularity for the term is that it is being overused like never before. People are quick to label themselves or others around them as empaths without fully realizing the meaning of the term or what all it does imply.

One of the most common thought process is that an Empath is a person who is overly sensitive. Though it is one of the traits of an Empath, but it is not a mutually inclusive condition of being an Empath . A person can be a highly sensitive individual without being an Empath.

Highly Sensitive People (HSP) are those who are extremely sensitive to their environment and its subtleties. They can pick on changes in the facial expressions of people around them very easily and thereby know or understand what is going on within them.

This means that their senses pick up subtleties which others cannot. And since humans are designed to be empathetic towards each other therefore they (HSP) can feel for their fellow humans.

Empaths however don’t just guess what is going on in another person’s mind depending on their expressions and minor actions; they have the ability to feel acutely what the other person is feeling. They read the energies of people and not their expressions.

On the one hand; while the sensory onslaught for the HSP comes from their environment triggers, the Empaths feel an overflow of emotions from within themselves as they feel exactly as the people around them.

However, no matter the reason for this overwhelming feeling, you can try meditating and introspection to feel better. A little alone time too will go a long way in making you more at peace.

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