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Stay Single This May If You Are One Of These Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

There are some signs of the Zodiac who are supposed to stay single during the current month. Although we all love romantic relationships, we have to accept this.

Here are the three Zodiac signs which should stay single during the month of May:


Many things are happening in the lives of Virgos right now. It isn’t overdramatic to mention that they do not have time to start a relationship during this month.

Although relationships sound nice, they aren’t practical. Virgos already have what they need. They cannot even think of finding the energy and time to take romantic breaks or plan dates. They even don’t have time to get proper sleep.

When the workweek finishes, they are drained. They are not in the appropriate mindset for starting a relationship. They do not want to hurt someone they care about without the intention. They do not desire to neglect others as they are preoccupied with their work.

Although they will stay single this month, they will not feel like they are missing out something. They will not have enough free time actually to feel lonely.

They will always move around and be too busy. Soon, they will be somewhere where starting a relationship is going to make sense – but that is not at the moment, not during this month.


Lately, Scorpios were falling for completely wrong people. They tastes have to change, only if they want to start a strong and serious relationship. As no person around them is good for them, they should simply stay single. They have to stop accepting quite less than they deserve.

Although summer is on the way, and they continually see happy couples around them that do not mean that they have to rush into new relationships. They will be happier when they are alone, instead of being with a toxic person that will make them unhappy.

They have to do themselves a favor, which is staying single during the month of May. They should also wait until they meet a person worth to love. And until then, they should enjoy their solitude.


The people who are born under the sign of Gemini are actually on the journey towards self-discovery. They are also dealing with change, growth, and loss. They are somewhere in the major transformation’s middle.

Although they are desperate for affection and love, they have to focus their attention on self-love. They should not let others interrupt their renewal process.

Rather than swiping through some dating apps during this month, they have to spend more time with themselves. They should give themselves the freedom and space to understand who they are.

They should rediscover their passion, set their fresh goals, and decide what they really want from the world, or what they won’t stand anymore.

If they were entirely honest with themselves, they aren’t completely sure about what they want out of their relationship at the moment. They aren’t sure about what is the kind of person that will fit them best.

They will not even be sure that they are prepared to commit to someone at this life stage. They have to stay single during this month as they sort out their priorities, dreams, hopes, strengths, and worries.

They have to learn how to love themselves before they search for a person that will pour their love into.

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