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Shift Ahead: How To Cope With The Energies You’re Sensing Right Now

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by Sage Goddess

There’s a broad and expansive energy shift taking place on our planet right now.

It’s so big, so expansive, yet also subtle and almost imperceptible. But many of us who are empaths and channels sense the shift in the field. We can feel the disturbance in the force. We understand that early waves of energy often make themselves known to us before any material impact is felt.

Signs of an energy shift

Think of the way animals behave before an earthquake – moving in irregular patterns, ears back, listening, coming closer to the ground, using all of their senses to discern information on every level of frequency. It’s exhausting work, to be on alert, all senses activated. It drains the energy field and depletes one’s psychic resources if this state is sustained for too long. It’s like living in fight or flight.

And yet, if you’re sensing what I’m talking about it’s because you have the gifts – the foresight and fortitude, the wisdom and discernment, the discipline and development to be able to assist in the Shift. I can sense our guides, guardians, and ancestors around us as we navigate the Shift and come closer to an awareness of what the Shift entails.

A new day is coming

The most important step in connecting and grounding your energy in order to feel more stable and aligned at times like this is to release your need to ‘know’ on a conscious level what is happening. The knowing that you need to access is a deeper state of awareness than thought or conversation. The knowing you need to access will emerge first in your chakras or energy centers, as a tingle or vibration, a single frequency or signal that might feel like a radio signal from a faraway planet. It will be quiet and soft, yet wide and expansive.

You may sense a discomfort or agitation; that is simply your conscious mind wanting to ‘understand’ and categorize what is essentially unknowable right now. Notice without judgement where the energies are emerging within you. Are they presenting in your solar plexus, your seat of power, or in your crown chakra, your seat of connection to God?

How to cope with this energy shift

Shaman believe that our purpose for living a human life is to learn; the mortal coil is our classroom for development, healing, and ascension. Humans are beginning to understand that our ways of learning and accessing information are no longer serving us. We need to dig deeper. We need to extend our antenna farther, use our untuned senses to receive and access data that is essentially encrypted and encoded.

You have access to the codes and encryption but you will have to shut off your waking mind to receive the keys to the stored knowledge now presenting itself for interpretation. This is a time many of us have anticipated and prepared ourselves to experience. This is a time that our guides have shown many of us in dreamtime and altered states of consciousness. We have been readied and strengthened for this.

Quiet your mind, let go of judgment and fear, and ask how you can be of service to the conscious collective right now. The answers will come. Until then, we stand together and united, sharing a frequency and vibrational awareness. More will surely be revealed. Amen, Aho, So it is.


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