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10 Signs You Are Nurturing A Toxic Relationship And Why You Must Stop Immediately

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by Conscious Reminder

Nobody realizes what toxicity in a person looks like. We all tend to normalize certain acts of the people which must be identified as toxic.

It is better to maintain distance from such people as they entangle us into their web of pity and guilt. We pity them and start doing things for them which we may have never done. The existence of such a person may be inimical to our healthy life.

How To Identify A Toxic Person?

There are various kinds of toxic people who exist in our lives. Whether you realize it or not, you are certainly trying too hard to save your relationship with them.

Just in case you are unsure of it, here are ways to find that out:

1. You put in more effort in your relationship than the other person does. It is just you trying to hold the pieces of your relationship together while the other person cares the least.

2. You have become the person who is very cautious about his/her acts when the other person is around. This is because you are unsure of their reaction and its impact on your relationship.

3. You have stopped opening up and sharing your feelings with them because they barely seem to care.

4. There is always an image of a different version of them in your mind. You wished they were like that but the reality differs. They are a lot more mean and hurtful towards you.

5. Your happiness is barely their concern. A piece of good news for you might be their way to bring you down and dismiss your achievements.

6. You constantly cover for their mistakes and incorrigible behavior in front of others. You try to make excuses to make sure their truly horrible and disgusting side does not get exposed in front of your close ones.

7. No matter what you do or how hard you try, you can never please them or make them happy and contended. Acknowledgment is missing from their system.

8. If you ever build up the courage to tell them something, you eventually regret bringing that up due to their erratic reactions.

9. In case they are at fault and you deserve an apology, you find them ignoring you as if you don’t exist. They don’t stop until you dismiss the situation and stop bringing up the issues that bother you. On the contrary, you often find yourself apologizing to save the relationship.

10. You accept their excuses over their behavior. They give you pitiful excuses for their behavior, for example, they had a bad day at work and the like, and you force yourself to accept them.

Always covering for their errors and being the only one invested in the partnership is not how a healthy and loving relationship works. It harms you until their toxicity kills you.

If you are still into one such relationship, its high time you walked out.

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