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There Is No Growth Without Taking Any Risks

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by Conscious Reminder

We will not grow until we step out of our zone of comfort. We should give up our fear of discomfort and embarrassment, as every great thing in our lives risks to get awkward. We will rarely succeed when we try for the first time.

We are supposed to retrain our brains not to think that failure represents the road’s end, as failure is one step toward success. When we make some mistake in our relationship or our career or also while we learn how to do ice skating, that mistake will teach us how to prepare ourselves better for the following time.

We will not grow until we take risks. This means that we have to stop comparing ourselves with others around us. Of course, the person that is next to us might be much better than us at certain skills, but he or she was probably practicing those skills since childhood while we have just started today.

Also, even when we were on the identical way for the identical number of years, we have to remember that time is moving in a different way for every one of us. We cannot call ourselves a failure every time when someone else is successful.

There will always be enough space for us to be successful as well. We have to consider those people our motivation and inspiration, and not see them as competition.

We will never grow until we stop playing safe or take risks. Although we will tell ourselves that we are too comfortable at the moment to actually risk losing every single thing, if we have been taking into consideration to take a risk at all, then are we really comfortable with that?

We will probably feel like there is something missing. We will feel like we can do something more. We are going to wonder if we could be much happier too.

When we are truly comfortable, we should sit aside and enjoy ourselves. We should not take everything for granted. We are supposed to appreciate everything that is around us.

However, when we are not comfortable as we were convincing ourselves, we might be prepared to risk. We might also want to simply take chances on ourselves.

Although it would be scary to take the primary step towards following our dreams or even asking out our dream date and embarking on new adventures, we should know that risks are going to always pay off.

When we permit our fear to simply stop us from pursuing everything that is going to make us happiest, we will have regrets. We will also form resentments, and we will always wonder about the things that could have actually happened. We will wonder if we made some mistakes going out of our zone of comfort.

However, when we take the risks, we will release that uncertainty. Although not everything will work as we hoped, we are going to have the answer we wanted at least. We will also know that we did not sit around and played it safe when the world was passing us by.

Although saying no to something that scares us will be tempting, we will not grow until we take the needed risk. We will not reach our full potential until we start believing in ourselves, trust ourselves, and even take chances on ourselves.

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