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May 13 Weekly Horoscope Says You Should Open Up To Spiritual Change

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by Conscious Reminder

The planet of Love, Venus, is going to enter Taurus on May 15th. It’s going to bring the best in you and prepare you for a time of harmony and passion. The aggressive Mars will also end up in sensitive Cancer.

You will feel the value of the people you love most. Emotions will be on the rise. The planet of communication, Mercury, will also make a proper trine sextile with Neptune, thereby bringing transformation within you.

And that’s not all, the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18th is bringing a positive boost in your emotional side. Here are how things will go about with you during this period:


What is blocking you? If your heart is tethered by past attachments, then let it go. Unchain yourself and reach out for your freedom. It’s time to blossom so give yourself the room to bloom well.


You want to give away your grounding energy in excess to the world but you forget that the world can be a leach at times. Don’t give all of it. Try to find a balance in friendships and partnerships. Open up to people who accept you and inspires you the most.


Dream big – so big that you are bewildered by it. But always remember that you have to match it with strict goals and a routine to follow with it. Hard work has no substitute – be prepared to act.


You are working a lot harder than usual but you must find some time to play. Loosen up a little – dance to the silent music. Try to transform yourself through creativity and passion.


You may travel a lot, but you will always be homesick. Home is where your heart lies. So, be comfortable at home and surround yourself with your loved one. Be one with their positivity. Resolve some family issues but don’t sacrifice your own privacy.


You are finally being able to move through a mess and then, find a way out of it. It comes with the balance between honesty and cleverness. Also, try to engage in conversations and expand your mind. Show the world that you are intellectually capable.


You are in your safe space. Try to use this time to settle on your finances and thereby, connect with the world. This is the time when your basic necessities should be considered. Be the free spirit that you are.


You are changing but are you feeling connected with the new person that you are becoming. While it is necessary to change and dive into the future, away from the past, you should not forget yourself. Dive deep within and find out if you are inspired enough to change.


You are now connected with your intuitive self. So, don’t let it drown you. Start to keep a journal and start writing everything down. Give your story the time to express itself.


Your dreams are finally coming into focus. Don’t shy away – share it with the people you trust and ask for their help. It will motivate you. Frenemies will try to bring you down. This time, you can spot them and cut them out of your life.


You are looking forward to a change in your career but you are not quite sure. It’s understandable. But what you need to do is make a choice. Don’t let self-doubt consume you. Even if you fail, remember, it’s a stepping stone to future success.


You might have some beliefs which are starting to limit you. Narrow-mindedness is never the answer. Let your mind expand and look at all the opportunities from a different perspective. Going out on adventures can be the best way to go for it.

This week is all about enlightenment and learning. So, open your mind and prepare yourself for the planetary energies.

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