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Blue Full Moon In Scorpio Rising May 18th: Drop The Mask

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by Conscious Reminder

On 18th May, the full moon comes in Scorpio. It is considered as a seasonal Full Moon because this moon is the fourth after the Equinox.

A Scorpio Full Moon is a potent one. it’s all about cleansing yourself and changing your entire life. Scorpio is all about rebirth, death and an overall spiritual transformation.

During this Full Moon, we will be compelled to peel our masks and reveal our real self. We do not need to carry our past with us.

This is the time when we say it’s enough and that we need to let go. Permit yourself to be liberated. Retreat inside yourself and search for the peace that you so desire. Exhale and inhale as you do so.

Full moons have always been a time to release yourself from your inner troubles. The Scorpio full moon helps us identify what it is that is keeping your back and therefore, helps us to finally release it.

So, ask yourself: are you using your full potential in your life? Are you becoming who you have always wanted to be in your life? These are important questions and the more you ask them, the clearer life becomes for you.

It lays the foundation in you and sets you out in the right direction. Remember, the Scorpion energy does not ask what to do but how you can do it,

Remember, our soul has a plan but it does not come with human wants. Our soul does not decide on what job you take or who you are going to date. It is just here for the ride: to learn and experience and grow. Just like you are growing.

After all, the choices are all dependent on YOU. There are no right or wrong paths in life, it’s just a choice that you take and the consequences that you face. Everything boils down to one thing: choice.

Every time you wake up, you are faced with this immense responsibility of choosing. Making the decision as to how you want to go through that day. You might try out something new or you might stay within your comfort routine – it all depends on you.

How you choose will decide on what kind of adventure you will be going in for. The Full Moon energy asks you to go deep within your soul and ask yourself these questions – to listen to those voices of the soul. Let the lunar magic sweep over us and guide us.

You are more successful than you realize. There is a wisdom inside you which trusts you, which you can trust as well. All you need to do is tune in. You have all the answers within. Our soul knows our truth, knows our plan – it just doesn’t reveal it outright.

One of the things that we constantly do wrong is set huge expectations. We forget that life is not supposed to be a sequence of grand events happening consecutively. It is made up of small things, everyday occurrences that slowly change us from within.

There is no drastic change like they show in the movies. If we focus on the everyday, we will finally be grateful to life as we know it, grateful to each day that comes and goes. It will seem like a miracle happening every day. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

The Full moon this May is potent and tender. It brings an evolution we will be grateful about – how to live life the best way on the selected path.

This is the full moon’s message to us:

‘We are humans and our humanness are how we grow and win. We are always advancing and dancing to the music of the cosmos. We are growing all the time and life is bringing us new lessons to learn and opportunities to teach others. We must understand that our soul is an entity that wants to learn and experience life like us and it is only in this manner that we can meet with our true selves.’

It is a message of spiritual transformation. Experience it.

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