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What Will Be Your Luckiest Day In 2023, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

While the current year is already off to a rocky start due to the retrograde of Mercury and Mars, there is still a lot of magic in the air.

Every single zodiac sign will have a specific lucky day this year, and it might be prudent to set any important event on that date. The transit of Jupiter into Taurus will also give us the time to start manifesting our dreams, as it will also give us opportunities to fill our pockets. So, when are the lucky days for the zodiac- and what do they have in store for you?

The Lucky Days for The Zodiacs


The lucky day for Aries in 2023 falls on the 1st of March. With Venus sitting pretty in this sign, one can easily expect creativity and love to be in the air- and this day will bring it out in fistfuls. 


The 16th of May will be the lucky day for this zodiac. Luck will be on your side- which makes it even more necessary for you to start things on a whim. You never know, you might just have the ability to finish a creative project on your own. You could also be shooting for that promotion that has eluded your grasp for so long. 


Your lucky day is the 14th of February, i.e., Valentine’s Day. Your relationships will really light up on this day. And if you are surrounded by people who you can count on for support- isn’t that just the icing on the cake? Jupiter will create a trine to the moon in your house- which will force you to develop connections of your own. 


The 18th of January will bring in all the luck that you need. Mercury is about to go direct in Capricorn, and this will deepen your relationships significantly. This period will also give you major clarity after a much dire period of confusion. You should also try creating connections with people to take you across.


Your lucky day falls on the 17th of July. The supportive energy of the north node will herald new and exciting experiences and ideas throughout your life. Moon will also take a major stand in Neptune, so you will get a boost. 


The 23rd of March is your date- so go out and rock it! With Pluto also moving in retrograde, you will be growing an appetite for some exciting changes. This is also going to make sure that your routine changes- maybe for the better. 


The 1st of July is your lucky date. Venus is already in a period of retrograde- and it induces some major relationship nostalgia in everyone. But Mercury will be working round the clock to support your biggest goals- as well as elevate your levels of self-compassion.


The 16th of May will really shine upon you- and with Jupiter moving through Taurus, it could also elicit a feeling of love. You should try bringing intimacy to your to-do list- whether it is a new tradition or just a date night.


Your lucky day falls on the 12th of May. You will find appreciation all around you just for the pleasures of life. Mercury will also take up a supporting stance in Venus so you can try to inculcate your passion into the things that you do. 


March 23 is your day. Pluto will move into Aquarius- which is already being ruled by Aquarius. This will result in major financial opportunities opening up for you. And needless to say, this will also lead to a major abundance. 


Your lucky day will fall on the 7th of March. Saturn will be moving out of your zodiac sign, so this can be quite a powerful financial moment for you. So- try and get your affairs in order. 


Your lucky day is the 17th of July. Destiny’s north node will help you settle some of the things in place. This is also one of the moments where you need to bring some clarity in a situation- and the energy will help you do it. 

So, what are you going to do on your lucky day? Tell us in the comments below. 

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