The Scorpio Full Moon Will Have The Biggest Effect On These 5 Zodiac Signs

by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon from this month is about to come soon. This lunar cycle is going to be in the sign of Scorpio, happening on the 18th of May.

The Scorpio Full Moon will pack powerful punches, and several signs from the Zodiac are going to be affected more than the others.

Some of them are going to be affected in a negative way, while others are going to be pushed towards something which they haven’t even realized they need in their lives. While we are moving forward, our ways of handling those energies that are coming are going to define many things.

There are five signs of the Zodiac that are going to feel more emotional during this period than they usually do. They are going to taste something that they haven’t experienced for several years maybe. For some of them, this is going to be an enormous turning point, while for others it will be “too much.”

Here are the five signs that the Full Moon on Saturday will affect the most:


Usually, the people born under the sign of Taurus do their best in order to ignore their gut and then move forward with some things which they know are going to get them where they have to be; however, during this lunar cycle which holds powers, they are going to be pulled toward new things.

They will work to follow their heart more than usual, and they will try their best in order to find some ways of overcoming their own minds. The Full Moon’s energies are going to make them feel as there is huge pressure that weighs them down, so they have to stay strong during this period.


At the time when this lunar cycle is going to influence the people born under Gemini, they will rethink friendship, and cut ties with those people they never thought they would. In such moments which are about to come, they are going to learn how significant it actually is to put themselves out there in order to do everything they want. They are no longer going to be observed as someone they have outgrown too.


The upcoming Full Moon will have the people born under Cancer upset; however, that will happen for a good reason. Usually, they are far too likely to give their wellbeing away. They don’t take proper care of themselves, and it is coming to their attention finally. They should do what they feel they have to do.


Sagittarians cannot run away anymore, as the Full Moon that comes will ground them in the best way. They have to work in order to become more comfortable in every possible moment as they are going to heat up soon. They aren’t often the kind of individuals to permit themselves to experience mostly the negative sides of the things, but that will change soon.


Aquarians tend to hide their emotions, and that has not helped them in their past; however, they keep doing that. The upcoming Full Moon will have them on edge, prepared to explode. So, if they don’t address the problems before them and work on them, they will end up way in over their head. They are never supposed to bottle things which make them who they are, but they should express themselves.

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