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What’s The Connection Between These Numbers?

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by Conscious Reminder

Undoubtedly, we are not using everything that we learned during our math classes on a daily basis, but when it is actually needed, such skills may be really helpful for us.

Although brushing up on our mathematics does not sound quite fun, it may be far more entertaining and interesting than we could imagine.

Most of the brain teasers in the world are mathematical. The simple and interesting sequence puzzle seems to stump many people, and it forms parts of those teasers. 

Although at first, it would seem more than obvious, the teaser’s answer isn’t what it really seems.

We should go over the following numbers ourselves: 43, 25, 61, 16, and 34.

What these several numbers, which are 43, 25, 61, 16, and 34, have in common? In fact, do we have any good idea what could that be? Below, we are going to present the answer when we finally thought some things through right in our head.

What these numbers have in common? The answer is …

Well, the answer to the question about what the numbers from above have in common is actually that we have the ability to add up the two digits of each number in order to get the number 7.

We should think well if this was the answer we were thinking about before we found out the answer. For those that didn’t get this quite right, here is an example: 43 (4+3=7), 16 (1+6=7), etc.

For those of us that love brain teasers such as the one from above, we can search on the internet, or find videos as well.

There are many people who simply adore math puzzles, but there are also others who consider them boring and not for them.

Such brain teasers are excellent for keeping our mind sharp. Also, when we do them frequently, processing different things will be much easier for us.

Just several minutes on a daily basis is going to sharpen our mind in ways which we might never know may happen.

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