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Activation Of The Light Body & Ascension

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by Conscious Reminder

We should first undergo the so-called light body activation so that we can move to some higher consciousness levels and reap every benefit of doing that. Light body activation is the process of awakening our light body.

Our light body was said to be a level below our soul and a level above the chakras of our subtle body.

What does our light body represent?

We can think of it as the doorway to some higher consciousness levels. Other people say that it is the vehicle for our consciousness which has the ability to transport the consciousness to the astral plane, all that for many different purposes, including lucid dreaming, telepathic communication, and meditation. In many different ways, it will be the following form which we are going to take.

The so-called light body represents humanity’s revolution, and the awakening of this body is happening around the world at the moment.

Awakening our light body will unlock our hidden powers, giving us the ability to exercise better control over our emotions and actions, and freeing us from some old emotional or mental blocks and old wounds.

The awakening process may be performed in several different ways; however, the idea of each way is the same.

What does the process of awakening of our light body mean?

The process of awakening our light body is one of spinning up our Merkaba in order to expand our subtle body in our light body. The idea, in fact, would be pumping great amounts of universal energies into our subtle body, and then concentrating them so that we can expand them.

Those energies are created by or drawn from the Source; however, the Merkaba’s spinning motion creates those fields which it generates and which make up our light body.

When we accept the light and love in our chakra system, we are better going to embody all the ideas of the divine feminine and divine masculine. Full activation of the light body will require a balance of the two opposing, still complementary strength sources.

What are the benefits that awakening our light body provides?

There are immense benefits provided by the awakening of our light body. When we awake it, we are going to experience a long-term spiritual awakening. Also, the primary thing we are going to notice is some weight lifted from our shoulders as we find tranquility and peace in our new and different spiritual state.

We could even realize that our senses are also heightened, or that there is a perception within us that is extra-sensory. Meditation will also be more manageable because our light body will give us direct access to our astral plane.

After some time of the awakening of our light body, we could experience some vivid dreams too. Although they will not probably be unpleasant and disagreeable, they may be quite intense unless we get used to them.

Activating our light body will be the best way in which we can enhance our spiritual lives. Awakening our light vehicle will be the following step we may take towards enlightenment, ascension, and the following higher consciousness level.

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