How To Break Down The Walls Of A Woman Who Doesn’t Know How To Accept Your Love

by Conscious Reminder

Many women in the world simply do not know how they can be loved. In fact, they are busy and guarded women who hide within themselves.

However, just because they do not know how they can be loved, it does not imply that they aren’t worth and that they don’t deserve to be loved. Actually, there is potential and love that simply waits to be shown.

These are some of the tips which will help you learn how to actually love the woman that does not know how she can be loved:

You have to be patient.

Every woman has her walls up in order to guard and protect herself. Regardless of how dedicated and wonderful you are, the walls are going to take some time in order to simply come down. You should not rush that woman into anything. Simply take the things slowly, and remember that waiting for her will be worth. When you push things, she may build the walls even higher.

You have to talk.

For girls that spend most of their time in their own heads, stepping outside of themselves and sharing their thoughts with other people may be quite overwhelming. When you let that woman know that you are actually interested in everything she thinks or feels, she is going to start feeling safe and comfortable with you.

Also, she has to realize that you value her thoughts, as she is worth and valuable. You should not judge her about everything she says. Permit her to also share herself entirely without any condemnation. We are all wonderfully lovely and unique, so when you talk with her frequently, you will show that.

You should support her.

Every woman has her aspirations, goals, and dreams. However, your woman will not be completely sure that you are willing to encourage her about achieving them. You have the give her a chance to dream, or even tell you everything about her dreams without feeling like you will crush them.

When she mentions her dreams to you, bring them up sometime later in ways which will let her understand that you actually remember them. Also, give her support in her dreams, and encourage her as she will really need encouragement. This also means that you will give her the time and space she needs in order to fulfill her dreams.

Never fall for something like “You complete me.”

You do not want to actually be two parts of one whole, as she should not need you to feel complete. She is the beautiful, interesting, and whole person even when she is alone, just as you are the whole, interesting, and admirable person when you are alone.

Instead of needing one another in order to form one complete person, you have to each be whole persons that will be simply awesome when together.

Your girl will have so much love for you. She will be worth the effort and time to open her heart, as when she finally gives you the whole heart, you will be amazed by her loyalty and passion.

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