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Asking For Help & Guidance From The Angels

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

As we live in the time of a great global and personal change, many people will ask themselves questions about changing their careers, moving, leaving their relationships, getting married, changing their names, etc.

To make the best possible choice, we have the ability to ask for help from our angels. In fact, they would like to inform us that such changes have to happen and that they are inevitable. Also, they want to show us that the major thing to making the best of the changes and enjoying them is being flexible.

Changes can usually appear frightening because of our fears and uncertainties. With the choices that we make, we also face some uncertain factors like will all this make us happy, more competent, confident, successful, and happy, or will we fall miserably, landing in the heap?

How are the changes going to affect other people? Are they going to love us still, are they going to be happy, disappointed in us, or sad? This list of factors and fears goes on.

In fact, our angels have the capacity to help us in making our not-really-important and important choices. From the elevated perspectives they have, they have the ability to know what would be the best thing for us. They have the ability to assist us in making our choices. They can’t make the choices and decisions for us, but they are going to be our trusted advisors.

Here is how we can allow the angels to aid us:

  • First of all, we should create some quiet and peaceful space for ourselves where nobody will disturb us;
  • We should have an intention on the mind, such as connecting with our guardian angels to actually glean guidance and advice with our decision making. As we hold our intention, we also give our angels permission to assist and intervene;
  • We should feel free and tell our guardian angels about everything and anything that we are feeling and we are concerned and confused about. We should trust that our angels are always listening to us. They already know the foibles and fears, everyday decisions and dilemmas that we have, and they lovingly guide us in the best way;
  • We should ask our angels to help us, guide us, and assist us with specific life scenarios or problems which we were thinking about changing. When we feel prepared, we should ask our angels about the changes we should make, which are going to be very beneficial to our lives. We should also ask which decision will suit the whole situation best;
  • We should notice the feelings and also thoughts which are coming up, responding to our questions. They will give us clear indications about the directions we should take;
  • In fact, divine guidance can come in various forms, such as certain thoughts, ideas, or even motivation towards specific actions;
  • We are not supposed to pay much attention to figuring out how our requests are going to be answered, but simply trust that our angels will answer them in the divine right order and time;
  • Another method we can use when we make choices is asking our angels to actually show us the outcomes of our opinions in the future.

If we still need clarity and guidance from our angels, we can hold our intention in order to connect with those angels and our higher selves. We can turn to and also communicate with our guardian angels at any time we want, or anywhere we would like to.

They are actually waiting for us to ask them for guidance and help, and also revel in all the chances to assist and help us, with some unconditional love.

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