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Tapping Into The World Of Spirits. Here Is What You Need To Know

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Have you ever wanted to connect to the Spirit World?

Well, I became intrigued by the Spirit World a few years ago and I thought to myself that I must have a plan to tune into the Spirit World. I really tried to make a plan and failed at it all the time.

I was almost going to give up when I met a friend who told me that I was doing it all wrong. She told me that I didn’t understand the Spirit World that well and she also told me some rules to connect with the Spirit World. Here I am writing all that she told me. It helped in my journey and I hope it helps everyone who wants to be on this journey.

Things you need to know about the Spirit World

1. We are all psychic. Yes, this is true. We are all blessed with intuitiveness.

2. The catch is that we are all at different levels of psychic. Some of us are really sharp because we practice our intuitiveness more than others and we trust our gut feeling as well. On the other hand, some of us are just beginners. Wherever you are in the journey, you are a psychic and you can surely become better at it.

3. There is no fixed way to become better because all of us will have different journeys; unique in every way and this is why we all have our unique purpose to serve.

4. The aim of this journey isn’t about reaching some higher level of psychic as many people mistake it to be so. In fact, the journey is about finding yourself and focusing on your spiritual growth and work on your Self.

5. Never doubt your psychic abilities. The journey isn’t about becoming closer to the Spirit World. It is about having faith in your psychic abilities and your intuitiveness.

Rules for connecting to the Spirit World

#1: There are no specific rules that are there, ironically. This is because everyone is on a journey that is one of its kinds. Each of us is on a different level of psychic and this makes the journey very personal and thereby there are no fixed rules to abide by. Respect your journey and the place where your journey takes you.

#2: Focus on whatever you are getting and say it. Sometimes we lose the information that is important because we don’t say it. We merely recognize it but that is surely not enough. Say it and it will always help you.

#3: Have faith in what you see first. This is because what you see first is always the most accurate and closest to what you are searching for. So, when you are on this journey, trust the first.

#4: You are center of all this process. So believe in your emotions and your intuition; it will be worth it, surely.

#5: Let the process happen to you. Don’t worry about being ‘right’.

#6: Remember to take permission of the reader while you are involved in this process.

5 Steps to Connect with the Spirit World

1. Intention: Declare your intention at the very start so that you can give and receive messages from the Spirit World. Make sure the Universe hears you and is a participant in your journey.

2. Meditate: Meditation will help you in settling your mind. When your mind will be settled, you will be able to make a better connection with the Spirit World.

3. Listen: Listen and keenly observe all the signs that are happening around you. These signs will guide you in your journey.

4. Create a Reading Screen: The reading screen is where you will receive the messages. Try and develop this reading screen.

5. Use your Clair abilities: Use all your senses/ Clair abilities because you need them to develop a better connection with the Spirit World. Use your senses to reach a higher level.

One additional thing to remember: Focus on your dreams as well; sometimes they may have messages and signs for you that shall be important in your journey.

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