If You Are In A Relationship With Someone Who Had A Toxic Ex, You Should Know This

by Conscious Reminder

Toxic relationships can come in different sizes and shapes, and no two of them are exactly the same. They are quite open t interpretations within reasons.

When talking about starting a relationship, particularly with a person that was hurt in one way or another by an ex that was toxic, we have to know that that person is not going to be as someone that has still not experienced such high level of toxicity.

Although we can’t choose the person we fall in love with, we can actually try to understand those we love better and be conscious of everything that is helping us in our process of growing.

Here are the seven things that we all have to know when we start a relationship with a person who had a toxic ex:

1. They now know what they want to get from their romantic love.

These people were through everything they would never like to face once again so that now they know what is actually needed to move forward. We will not have the ability to convince these people of our stature; we need to prove ourselves through our actions. They will not settle for anyone or anything in the world.

2. Be ready to be pushed away when they need you the most.

Such people are going to push us away at times whey they will need us the most, and they will not ask for our help. We can’t simply permit them to come to us as they are never going to. They need us to have the will to reach them out and also show them everything that makes us different.

3. Get ready to break some walls down. 

These individuals will not let us in and also hold us close quite quickly as we want to. They will stay at a distance and also figure us out before we are given permission to get to know them better. They are going to remain friends for us for longer than we are prepared to wait.

4. They can go down the rabbit hole, but it can be fixed.

Those people who were hurt while they were in toxic relationships have their thoughts moving forth in ways which spiral downward. Such situations are unavoidable so that we have to be conscious of and patient through. Although it is going to diminish as time passes, it isn’t something we can cut out entirely.

5. Telling them you know how they feel won’t make things better.

Of course, we were probably in a toxic relationship ourselves, but that does not mean that the person we like is prepared to start something with us. Having the ability to understand or make every problem disappear will never be two things alike. We need to respect the person and give him or her some time in order to get situated on his or her own self.

6. You have to earn their trust.

These people will not tell us everything or permit us to see their vulnerable side during the first several weeks. We will need to simply stick around, in order to prove our intent as the time passes. We may even wait for months or years to get the real chance.

7. Pretending you are uninterested is not something you would want to do.

Maybe this helped us in our past, but with these people, it will only waste our time. If we really want the person to become interested in us, we should never try making him, or her chase us. They will not waste their time doing that “chasing.”

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