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Why Do You Travel So Often? Are You Running From Something?

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by Conscious Reminder

Having the total freedom to follow the adventures in our lives is something really wonderful. For example, explorers are blessed with experiencing the richness and beauty of peoples, cultures, and lands.

They feel the identical lust for everything unknown as all those travelers before them, starting from one particular place when the sun lights their faces while it rises, and arriving at another place as the dusk appears around them.

However, traveling can also make people feel lonely. Sometimes, they may be anxious during the night, yearn for resting their heads in the familiar bed, and even miss the smell of the coffee prepared at their homes, or talking with old friends.

Moreover, deep inside them, they may feel afraid that their loved ones are going to forget about them and that they are going face their end alone. As weary travelers, they will start wondering where they may return to.

Globetrotters appear in two types. The first type steps out in this world with the boldness which comes from his knowing where his home is, or that it is always going to be there when he needs comfort. The second one falls into floating around this world, usually with buried and restless longing for the thing he cannot describe.

A lot of people establish their senses of home with the help of attachments which were created during infancy and which say that everywhere they go in this world, there will be people that will care about them. And, they carry this inner settledness with them through life.

However, not every person acquires such security during a young age, and many people grow up with a repressed and deep-seated fear, believing that they never fully belong anywhere.

These are the five steps for building a secure and safe place right in your heart:

You should not run away.

When other people let you down, you will immerse yourself in solitude, in order to never expose yourself to such kind of pain anymore. However, isolation is not going to help you build your home in your heart because the foundations will still not be there. It is only going to reinforce your idea that you are undeserving. You will have to experience a relationship which will strengthen your belief that you are worth, and that you can securely trust others.

Invest more in a meaningful friendship.

The ideas of home are inherently connected to a family; however, it is a rarity that the early attachments aren’t always nurturing. Actually, in your existence, you find anchors in the people you meet on your way. There are many loving and generous people in the world who have their hearts big enough to accommodate your strays and waifs. When you finally find those people, you should keep them really close.

Realize what is important for you.

You carry your values and passions with you; they are your behaving guide, and they can also create familiarity everywhere you are in this world. It might be really simple, just like your desire to treat other people with honesty and compassion. This is actually something you may act on during any situation, helping you in bringing you back to yourself and your true nature.

Remember that, as a human being, the whole planet is your home.

And, in fact, it is not such a big place. When you walk, that land which is beneath, you will join up with the one you walked on previously. When you breathe, you inhale the identical elements which filled your lungs in some other place. Or, when you are listening to the sea’s waves, they belong to the identical waters which whispered in your ears somewhere else.

You should imagine your home as some small and warm place which is tucked safely in your heart.

You should not worry about losing it or forgetting to pack it. In fact, the loving and warm home in your heart will always be there – even at times when you do not think of it. However, connecting consciously to this particular personal sanctuary, with the help of reflection and meditation, is going to remind you that you have it available anytime you feel lost into this world.

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