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The Only True Path Is Within

by consciousreminder
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by Athena Melchizedek
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

If you are anything like me, totally dedicated to your spiritual path, you have probably spent many hours , months , years doing courses, going to ‘school ‘ attending workshops and seminars, going to live events that range from the remotest pristine jungles in the third world to unlikely and totally unexpected sites of illumination such as Las Vegas and Miami.

You may have traveled all over the world hoping to find the answers to your questions. You may possibly have spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to understand the meaning of your life, gain knowledge of your particular purpose and finally determine what your mission is here on earth.

Once you believe you have understood that purpose then the next round of doing begins to create what you believe is required of you by God who you believe is actually interested in what you are DOING to help spread his word.

This is very much an oversimplified summary of my journey but one way or another I have “done it all “ So please allow me to share with you what I have learned.

The only place I ever really needed to go was WITHIN.

In my latter years as I researched every possible scientific discipline for my book the Quantum Keys and as I explored a variety of transformatjonal pathways from sacred yoga, studies of body centred psychotherapy, core energetics, psychoenergetics and integrative health science to various healing modalities that rely on external sources such as codes and hallucinogenic substances, and everything in between, my biggest realization has been I did not really need to do anything or go anywhere except INWARDS.

That God does not expect anything from me except just to exist. That this existence alone, just like the existence of all life is a testament to the magnificence of Source creation.

That I AM Divine and can BE nothing but this. That I AM Unconditional Love and can BE nothing but this.That I have never been separated from God because I AM this. I AM all life and all life exists within me.I cannot ever not exist. I AM blessed beyond words to KNOW this TRUTH.

Everything else is a projection of my own consciousness based on how my ego has perceived the world through the five physical senses. Just like each one of us I was a product of my early life conditioning. The tricky thing is these projections are already built into the DNA at birth and unbeknown to us we then co create with others conditions that will provide the exact scenarios to bring all the negative energy we hold in our hologram to our attention.

We are all connected to the morphogenetic field of our species and as such carry the karmic and ancestral energies of our own earlier incarnations plus our family, our ancestors, our planet. No one is immune to these discordant energy templates. If you are here you are connected in.

Nothing happens by chance in this universe and those of you who are familiar with how energy really works will know we then attract to us those circumstances that will confirm and verify our beliefs about who we think we are and the way we think life and the world is. It becomes a vicious circle until the pain gets so bad we are forced to take a different approach and begin our search for TRUTH.

And here it is ……

You ARE already a Divine Being – there is nowhere to “ascend “ to. What we must do is expand our consciousness so that we KNOW and EXPERIENCE the Divinity of the REAL SELF.

It does not matter what you do or what you believe your mission is.

The absolute greatest service you can offer humankind and our beloved planet is to BE DIVINE and RADIATE YOUR DIVINITY. Once you can do this everything else falls into place. This is your real mission. Then you will most automatically desire to serve others in a way that is your unique expression and brings you the most joy.

What prevents this process is all the junk that is hardwired into your system from birth and even before incarnation.

Yeshua said: “ Suffer little children to come unto me for such is the Kingdom of Heaven”

What he meant was we are all the Divine Child just as he was.

If you are truly ready to discover the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and step into the new Golden Age that is upon us now it would be my greatest honor to help you uncover all that holds you back from your greatest expression of SELF.

I will be offering a Free New Masterclass towards the end of March that I feel sure will give you much food for thought and an opportunity to do what you really came here to do.

I do hope you will be able to join me.


About the Author: Athena Melchizedek is dedicated to the development of evolutionary leadership based in Unity Consciousness through her programs of self-empowerment, personal mastery and management of the human bioenergy field. She is an internationally experienced business consultant, transformation facilitator, mentor and energy practitioner specialising in remote transmission.


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1 comment

EL March 8, 2018 - 2:06 pm

Thank you for sharing your journey to the TRUTH that you and numerous others have awakened to too… May we all BE that which we already; truly are, have always been and will ever BE! Namaste…


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