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Empaths Eventually Have To Deal With These 4 Painful Truths About Narcissists

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by Conscious Reminder

It is not a secret that an empath feels that it is his or her obligation to be the person that will save this world.

However, when a narcissist manipulates him or her, the sense of obligation will become his or her whole identity, because the narcissist will play the victim.

For an empath, one crucial thing is acknowledging that a narcissist is disordered. When you support a narcissist, you either unknowingly or knowingly support a lie, because the person you think you are helping does not even exist.

Although this is a hard fact to swallow, here are the four most painful truths which every empath has to face about a narcissist:

Narcissists aren’t the tortured souls who need empaths’ special type of love.

Those empaths that were in a relationship with narcissists believe that when they could simply show the narcissist the depth of their unconditional and unrestricted love, then narcissists may finally understand that there was some kind of rare and special love available for them.

Empaths’ love has healing qualities; however, it does not do anything in order to change the motives or behaviors of narcissists. A narcissist is a morally bankrupt individual that doesn’t appreciate things that others do for him or her. Rather than that, he or she feels entirely entitled to every devotion and love that is directed towards him or her.

Even though everyone appreciates and admires the compassionate nature of empaths, narcissists find this as a very attractive trait.

There are a lot of manipulators in this world who exploit and seek out people with the character traits of empaths, like these ones: reflecting on the ways how the actions and words might affect others, taking criticism personally, being very empathic, sensing other people’s emotions, responding instinctively to help those that are in need, etc.

Narcissists will look for compassion and cooperativeness in their partners, as they are aware of the fact that they do not possess such traits at the basic level, while an excessively cooperative partner will put in the work of two people, in order to keep their relationship going.

Narcissists are not interested in the deep thoughts of empaths.

An empath is a deep thinker who possesses highly evolved perspectives and viewpoints about individuals and about this world as well. There is nothing more that can make empaths feel better and alive than actually finding kinder spirits with whom they can share their opinions and thoughts.

Narcissists usually pretend that they are advanced and enlightened in the modern philosophies; however, the truth related to their close-minded beliefs is discovered, and it deeply shatters the heart of empaths. When the relationship starts souring, narcissists usually ridicule and mock the empaths for their theories and views.

Even when empaths and narcissists made their contracts together, right before this life, empaths have to accept the need of moving on without their presence.

From a spiritual perspective, a lot of people believe that narcissists are present in their lives in order to help them evolve into cosmically aware and healed individuals. Although this can be true, they have to recognize when is the time to actually sever the vows and ties with narcissists, which may feel devastating for every empathic being that has powerful moral codes.

While an empath likes soothing the hurts of a narcissist, and even help him or her feel secure, he or she will simply want to siphon all the compassionate energy of the empath like fuel needed for their engine. Even when this relationship ends, all those energetic ties are going to remain. This may drain the energy of empaths and cause some symptoms of hopelessness and depression. Hence, they have to cut every energetic tie with that person so that they may move on.

How can an empath protect himself or herself from a narcissist?

Living a balanced, happy, and healed life actually means accepting the painful truths, although a narcissist can’t. A narcissist cannot be healed as for that to occur, he or she first has to understand and acknowledge that he or she is wounded. A narcissist will use guilt, obligation, and fear to keep his or her target overlooking broken promises and lies.

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