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Curious Gemini Season – Be Light With Your Communications

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by Conscious Reminder

Gemini is full of charm and kindness. It is always seeking for a friend or companion. That’s why when we entered Gemini season, the energy in us took a shift.

We became like the air – bouncing around, taking social engagements seriously but going from one engagement to another. Gemini is curious. That’s why it likes to move around a bit. Plus, it has a chatty behavior to it too – communication is Gemini’s strength. That’s what we will deal with till the 21st June.

This third sign of the zodiac cycle is extroverted since it’s an air sign, and quite adaptive since it’s a ‘mutable’ sign. It is shown as the twin. Gemini tends to change their words quite fast and so, they are often accused of being double-faced.

That’s not true – they just change their minds fast and are very curious. After all, it is ruled by inquisitive Mercury. The Taurus season has ended and it has grounded us on solid ground. Now, it is time for Gemini to come to our help and bring a bit of ‘light’ness to our mood.

Here are the ways to turn the Twin energy to your favor:

1. Mirroring

Since, Gemini is like the Twins as it is represented, and loves to talk to people. You will be attracting many people towards you. But think about it – they are Twins, so you will be engaged in the act of mirroring. Your partner will reveal parts of you in their acts. It’s also a time of deep romance – after all, you are knowing yourself. But Gemini has a tendency to enter into co-dependent behavior – so beware. Don’t get too dependent on someone. On the other hand, if something someone does really infuriates you, it’s time to look within. Maybe you have the same trait in you.

2. Super-Connect

It’s time to gain some karma points by becoming a matchmaker! Introduce prospective lovers with each other. Spread out the good word. Send out a shoutout to someone who deserves admiration on social media. You can even write a testimonial for a deserving colleague. Vouch for someone’s work. Be the catalyst who comes to promote a person and put them on top.

3. Speak Out

Gemini is known for its wit and humor. Many witty stars like Tupac, Kayne West, and Notorious B.I.G were under Gemini – so, you can see where it is going. Do not be afraid to speak out – start engaging in a productive dialogue with other people. However, Gemini is a bit loose-lipped, so you might chat away and someone might misinterpret what you say. You might even overanalyze things and make it worse. Well, we all need someone who would listen to our overanalyzes – so find that person and chat away.

4. Hometown Happiness

Gemini focuses on home and your local area. So, it’s time to find out what new excitement has opened up around the corner? A new mall or a deli? Go outside and find out more about the people in your locality. Chat up with neighbors. Let the energy of your hometown surge through you. Go and say hello to a newcomer. Be their guide around the town.

5. Transport Upgrade

Mercury rules Gemini. Mercury is also concerned with transportation. So, maybe, it’s time for an upgrade of your transport. Start by developing your car interiors – make it better in some way. Leather seats, maybe? Get better tires if you need too. If you are riding a scooter or a skateboard, then why not do a new paintjob?

6. Knowledge Is Precious

Gemini loves knowledge – that’s why it is so curious. So, feed your mind – grow more during this period. Try to go for the non-fictions if you have to. Get hold of your library card and get a Descartes. Maybe you can even go for some anthropology and understand more about human history. Buy a Kindle if you want. If you are busy, then get an audiobook. Gain as much knowledge as you can during this period.

Make Gemini Season worth it.

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