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A Big Celestial Encounter: Earth, Sun, Moon & Mars Are Bringing A Massive Energy Shift

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Astrology is not a hoax. It has fallen into disrepute only in recent times thanks to fraud practitioners who used the ancient art of stargazing for their greed.

The fact that it was one of the more reputed of arts is proven by the fact that alchemists, who were the ancestors of modern scientists, were very much into this as a profession.

Anyways, we are not here to redeem what is one of the nobler of pursuits of man and his intellects.

We are here to talk about interfaces between Earth, Mars, the Sun and the Moon.

Mars has always fascinated man; so much so, that it was named after the god of war, given the planet’s color which reminded people of the carnages of war.

Mars is one of our closest neighbors in space and only slightly smaller than Earth too.

And Mars is going to do a flyby nearby in a couple of days. On July 26/27, he will be opposing the sun, peri-helically.

This means the Earth, Mars and the Sun would be on a straight line, the former pair being uber-close to each other in astrological relatives.

Right after this, a lunar eclipse will follow, the next day. But sad for the residents of North America and Greenland, because they will not be able to see it.

It will be a sight to behold for sure, given that the reddish orange flames of the red planet will make it something spectacular to see. Also, this is going to be the longest of all lunar eclipses in this century, lasting more than an hour and a half.

A couple of days after that, Mars will come the closest to Earth it has been since 2003, crossing the 35-million-mile mark. Before 2003, it had come this close to the Earth about 60,000 years ago.

Astrologically speaking, Mars is a very executive planet, that is, it prods and pokes people into action, sometimes into action which is unnecessary.

This makes its emergence cumbersome and vexing for some people, especially some who do not exactly have nice temperaments.

Given Mars is retrograde this time around, giving the impression that it would not be much of a prodding nuisance this time around. But given that it is SO close to Earth this time around too, passions might just be high and boiling. Prudence, humility and restraint are highly recommended. To all.

Mars stands for man’s unconscious, the madness that all Greek heroes dreaded and adored; dreaded because like Herakles, it could make a man tear apart even the most beloved of family members, and adored because it gave him strength to withstand war and gain victory and glory.

Our passions and rage and wrath, all come from this primal of things, the unconscious. This is where man gets his deepest inspirations too, but it also the crucible that tests his patience.

With Mars fanning the flames it is going to be tough going. It is like adding a catalyst to a reaction that is already explosive.

But there is one thing that people need to remember however, and that is, our conscious and unconscious, both arise from within our own minds. They are all parts of our own psyche.

They might not be under our will. They might follow their own rules and laws. What matters is that we can control the symptoms if not the disease, in this case.

We must exercise patience, in all our affairs. The path of doing the right thing, even if it hurts, of behaving like human beings and never wittingly hurting a fellow human being, is a narrow and precarious one. But it is the godlier one for sure.

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