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The Full Moon In Virgo Is Going To Improve Us After A Bit Of Sacrifice

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by Conscious Reminder

On the 19th of February, the Full Moon will be at 0-degree Virgo. This means it is time to work on ourselves as Virgo indicates correction, improvement and a drive to perfect ourselves.

It means either we have to fix any problems that we already have or better ourselves as a whole. The Full Moon is going to affect us in various ways as there are many alignments that take place during this period.

Moon Trines Mars

The Moon will trine Mars in the grounded Taurus. Taurus is known for being fixed and determined, so patience will be your key during this period. Since it is an Earth sign, whatever is manifested will turn out to be true.

Mars in Taurus also brings stability in your life which you can be used to grow. Thus, the energy flows through you properly and keeps you grounded as you make the necessary improvements.

Mercury Will Conjoin Neptune

While this grounding energy will infuse you, the ruler of this Moon, Mercury will come and conjoin with Neptune. Neptune engages in dreams and so, your perception of reality will be mixed with a bit of fantasy.

However, this will be countered slightly when it comes to the sextile with Saturn in Capricorn. Thus, Mercury will activate the sextile of Saturn and Neptune that took place on the 31st of January. Saturn has a bit of harmonizing energy which, while slow, will give a bit of definition to your airy dreams. 

Saturn and Neptune also indicate sacrifice. One of the ways in which Saturn works is by limiting the expansive dreams that Neptune brings. It will make you understand the need to go the extra mile, work harder than before to achieve what you want. Be patient during this period and try to discipline yourself.

Virgo And Pisces

An opposition takes place along the axis of Virgo and Pisces which has a lot to do with the theme of sacrifice. When these planets of opposition combine, then, you will be able to spot the point where balance can be achieved.

This is a great spot where the reality of Virgo meets the dreamy Pisces and these contradictions act as a settling force which combines compassion and practicality. You have to make a sacrifice though but you will get an indication of what the sacrifice will be like or an acknowledgement of what is wrong or right.

All in all, you should not trust the Mercury and Neptune alignment blindly. As Neptune has the ability to distort everything into dreamy proportions, you do not always get the right information.

Plus, this is only the first of all the three conjunctions that Mercury will be making to Neptune in the coming Rx. The Full Moon just illuminates the beginning of it – there are more to come. So be prepared.


This Full Moon will conjoin one of the four Royal Stars. Regulus. On November 28th of 2011, Regulus had entered Virgo in Leo. The star has a lot of power in it and brings victory and success, though it can also try to take revenge too. Hence, you can expect a fall too.

Regulus in Virgo made the Leo, who is generally proud, shift its energy to the more humble energy of the Virgin. So, this shift may seem like the opposite of what Regulus is supposed to do, but actually, it is a subtle form of courage. It gives the courage the make the necessary sacrifice to move forward in life.

Mysteries Will Unfold

When the Moon will trine with Mars, there will be a wave of assertiveness which may not be typical. So, remember that the Mercury and Neptune conjunction is indicative of a delayed success, of a story unfolding that is still in the first chapter. 

Your perspectives will change as you go forward in time. When the Moon is at 0 degrees, you are just at the beginning of the Virgo and Pisces alignment. Due to Mercury, things will not turn out to be clear, but don’t worry – everything will slowly unfold. You will face new errors which you have to correct.

Be ready to make sacrifices, and be ready to improve. This alignment will challenge you so as to bring the best in you. Allow it to happen.

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