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New Moon Total Solar Eclipse July 2nd: Positive Influences For Resolving Disagreements

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon on Tuesday, July 2, 2019, at 10° Cancer is a total solar eclipse. The forecast for this Total solar eclipse is interestingly optimistic.

You will be enjoying a good time with your family and friends due to the positive influences of Uranus and a star in the Gemini constellation.

This Solar Eclipse would also put a stop to every conflict between you and people around you and conflict resolution would be through peaceful methods.

There is a prediction of good luck and good omens; so everything you do this solar eclipse with true hard work and commitment would yield positive results.


A solar eclipse is just like any other New Moon where the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun. But a solar eclipse is a more powerful version of that for it also darkens the Sun.

This New Moon symbolizes the end of one Moon cycle and the initiation of another one. While a New Moon influence lasts for 4 weeks, a Solar Eclipse influence would last for 6 months.

The most important aspect about this eclipse is that the Sun would conjunct the Moon. This would lead to an open-minded approach to things, where things would always be on the table and you would need to get rid of all those bad habits that have been dragging you down.

So, this is the perfect time for you to bring out the new list for the next period of time, where your goals would be different. This solar eclipse closely follows the July 16 Lunar Eclipse. This results until December 26, 2019- the completion of a phase.

Solar Eclipse Astrology

There are several aspects to this fortunate Solar Eclipse. One of them being the solar eclipse itself sextiling Uranus, but the influence isn’t that great, due to its area of influence of over 4 degrees. Although there is a fixer star conjunction, it would be pretty weak, considering the power a fixed star usually has in conjunction. But just like a bunch of sticks makes a strong bundle, all these influences combined to have a positive influence on the solar eclipse.

The Star of Solar Eclipse

The Star of Solar Eclipse is located in the Southern Foot of Pollux in Gemini constellation. At 9 degrees in Cancer sign is this star Alhena present.

This means that despite the location of the solar eclipse in the constellation of Cancer, the main effects come from the constellation of Gemini. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, the Sun signs are completely out of alignment to what actually affects the stars.

Alhena helps in developing creative intellect, but also leads to accidents to the feet. According to many eminent astrologers, it also brings forth a spiritual connection and an interest in the sciences.

There might also be a sense of repute in the spoken and written word. The conjunct between the Sun and the Moon would bestow an incredible amount of riches and honor in the fixed star Alhena.


Solar eclipse sextiles Uranus which brings forth several new developments and you will be trying out something new which you didn’t have the courage to do before.

You would also be self-aware, courtesy of the several interactions you would be having with people around you. This would also ensure that your creative intellect is stimulated, which would result in your kinky side emerging out.

You should also increase the amount of socializing you do, because this would make you interact with people who are unorthodox and think completely out of the box. You might also find it difficult to maintain a set routine, but it is these differences and distractions that would help you grow as an individual.

The sextile of Neptune by the solar eclipse is probably going to have the most impact on this eclipse. While this sextile guarantees rewards and riches, it also signifies hard work and optimism. While you will be able to understand your limitations, your optimism would make up for it.

Well, now you know what you have to do this solar eclipse. Don’t you?

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