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June’s Gemini New Moon & Sagittarius Full Moon: The Universe Is Presenting You With New Opportunities

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by Conscious Reminder

Gemini New Moon

The New Moon in June is going to take place on 3rd June. When there is a new moon in Gemini, it brings with it a lot of ideas.

It about gathering new information, expanding in the knowledge section of your brain and engaging in a long planning process.

It will bring our needs and desires in the limelight as we plan how to go about the future. Along with the excitement comes the need to act on what we really need.

Positivity will be our motto. Negativity gets shed away during the Gemini season. We are always looking at new options – new opportunities.

Plus, Gemini season is sociable and likes to talk to other people. Hence, we would go around and gather new perspectives from others.

We will receive advice and share them too. Gemini is an air sign – it is open to others and open themselves. So, have fun and enjoy the season while it lasts.

We would also use our mental energy to bring about some changes in our own life during the New Moon. It is, after all, a start of something new, right?

Sagittarius Full Moon

On 17th June, the Full Moon enters Sagittarius. Full moons are on the light side – they don’t make us too serious. Especially, since it’s in Gemini.

It’s time to look at the bright side of things and not enter into the darker side of events. When you are always looking for a silver lining, you must be also attentive as to whether you are missing out on something important or not.

Also, you might be a bit emotional during this period. No one can mess with your beliefs as you will make sure that you will defend it to the end.

You can get a bit aggressive too. But mark your words – think before you speak. Boasting and exaggerating may seem cool but when you are standing before the jury to give some proof, it will reveal you. Be open-minded – maybe the other person has something important to say too.

During the Gemini Full Moon, we will need a bit of space for our own selves. We would like to cut off our strings for some time. While it is impossible to do that, taking a break will give us new energy to begin anew.

Let’s make the most of this Gemini season – for both the Full Moon and the New Moon.

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