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Mercury Retrograde May 29 — June 22: Hear Your Inner Voice

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury is scheduled to enter the 2nd retrograde this year on 29th May 2021. Mercury will enter into retrograde in Gemini which is the ruling sign.

Retrogrades take place after any planet appears to be moving backward. Although planets do not move back, it appears so from our viewpoint on Earth. The planet seems to be retracing its steps across the zodiac.

The ancients have witnessed such cosmic phenomena and believe that retrogrades are a time for everyone to move back and retrace their steps. During such phases, we must once again look back at our habits, behaviors, and attitude in the past prior to moving forward.

Mercury is usually considered the planet of contracts, communication, media, transport, and technology. As a result, the retrograde of this planet is a time when such things might come up in our consciousness more often.

Moreover, Mercury retrograde taking place in Gemini might lead to an amplified effect. It will put the spotlight on the way we are making communication, both with ourselves and with others. Such connections will emerge as important aspects during Mercury retrograde.

Importance Of Communication

Communication is a form of art and of utmost importance for us to connect with truth, forge relationships, create reality, and affirm beliefs. Communication also appears to be easy but it comprises several layers.

Each human has their unique perspective, communication approach, and belief system. Often we lack communication skills that result in miscommunication that creates big problems. The present world inundates us with opportunities for communication and takes in information through computers and phones.

As Mercury is preparing for Gemini retrograde, we must pause and wait for an opportune chance. We must patiently wait and reflect on the ways in which we establish communications. Additionally, we must also think about the way we communicate with others as well as the Universe.

Pause And Reflect

Mercury retrograde presents us with a time to take deep breaths. We must seek information through the right methods and consciously use technology. However, we must not allow such things to color our ideology, decisions, communication approach, our well-being, and mental health.

When we get inundated with news, information, and opinions of other people, we often lose our point of view. It becomes difficult for us to listen to our authentic voice. We might also feel the pressure of falling in line and complying with the current status quo and lose our true identity.

Under this retrograde, we must consciously take some time off from social media. On the other hand, we must retreat and spend some time alone. This also becomes the ideal time to follow our instincts, take a stand, and speak courageously

Finding Our Authenticity

Once we form a connection with our authentic voice, we also gain great power. There is a feeling of assurance, confidence, and clarity in communication. Nonetheless, if we gain freedom of expression, it will inspire others to follow that path as well.

Although, it is very difficult to attain such a place and find this pure authenticity. In order to take the first step to forge a connection with our inner voice, we must take a journey within, remove mental prejudices, learn to be still, and hear the true voice.

Meditation is an extraordinary tool to support this process inward. Furthermore, writing a journal, sending some time in nature, and connecting with cosmic energies will also greatly help. Both Gemini and Mercury are linked with the throat chakra. Once our throat chakra becomes a wonderful blue energy light, it becomes immensely beneficial for our growth.

Saturn and Pluto will also go into retrograde, slowing the cosmic energy. Mercury retrograde will also be succeeded by Eclipse Season. Thus, the emphasis on communication will continue. Mercury will return from retrograde on 7th July and regain its earlier strength and speed.

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