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Mercury In Cancer June 4th-June 26th: Get In Touch With Your Deepest Feelings

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury is all about being logical. It represents communication, logic, an ability to reach your point across all the while engaging in important rhetoric.

But the zodiac Cancer is all about emotions. So, when Mercury enters Cancer, its logical side is a bit blurred, to allow for sentimentality and a better outflow of emotions.

In this period, we would be able to close the gap between friends, family and even strangers because we would able to speak about and understand things that we would have never spoken about.

It allows us to bring out the innermost thoughts that make us vulnerable, and to talk about it, thus removing the fear associated with them.

The Journey

When Mercury is in Cancer, we are given the opportunity to talk about things with people that we probably wouldn’t have, under different circumstances.

Our mind, and our heart comes closer, and we can clearly express what we are thinking. To put it simply, we are not empathetic, nor just logical. We are a mix of both.

Cancer is all about family, emotions and the notion of being loved. And when the planet of communication is in it, there is always this opportunity to exactly tell your loved ones, that you love them. For honestly, there is nothing better than to tell someone that you love them. That you care for them.

Also, more importantly, this period gives us intuition that is way more heightened than we are used to. This intuition comes from Cancer being a water sign, and when it touches Mercury’s logical side, one can simply understand the wit and intelligence one can possess.

Probably the biggest advantage of this period is the ability to listen. You are listening. You aren’t listening simply to reply. You are listening because you want to know more. And that could quite possibly be the biggest virtue one could have.

Mercury Retrograde

On the other side of the coin, one can always experience mishaps when Mercury starts retrograding.

This would lead to a breakdown in communication amidst family members and the unfolding of discord between relationships. And, that is to be expected because Mercury IS the rule of all communication.

Starting a new project, or buying something is also not advised, simply because there might be a ton of misinformation simply out there about to bait you into making a mistake, and losing your finances.

Born in The Sign

You are different from others in the way you see, view, and judge things. You would rather take in everything, see the world from all sides, rather than two dimensional.

You would bring in the feelings, the emotions, the very vibrations of all things living and then decide on something. You also understand other’s needs, wants and act on them.

You are soft spoken, and like to tell people that you love them. But sometimes, you tend to keep the harsher stuff to yourself, because you don’t want to hurt them. Realise that not everyone is a softie, and some times, simply telling the truth can help alleviate situations.

You ease into conversation, only when you find that the other person is trustworthy, and truthful. You don’t do idle chit chat- you have deep meaningful conversations about life, death, and everything in between. You bond over vulnerabilities, and realize that maybe, human beings are not that different.

Mercury in Cancer Traits:

  • Perceptive
  • Careful
  • Nurturing
  • Emotional
  • Intuitive
  • Thoughtful
  • Personal
  • Loving

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