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Four Common Enlightenment Misconceptions You Should Forget About

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are times when self-discovery will be romantic. What can be more tender and peaceful than remembering the individuals we really are? 

Only thinking about the space, the profound inner acceptance, and the openness will make us swoon.

There are many brutal breakups, which will be worse than our first heartbreak, on our journey to discover who we really are, and not the conditions, stories, and personality we believed we were. We have to break up with our illusions.

However, just when we thought that we break up with one illusion, another one will appear. That’s why we have to choose our weapon. Awareness could be one such weapon.

Here are the four common illusions we should break up with:

Wearing Spirituality As A Badge To Decorate Your Ego.

This could be the most delicate illusion of all the other existing. Along our spiritual path, we pick us some beautiful practices like compassion, forgiveness, selfless service, patience, profound self-awareness, presence, and yoga.

While we integrate these specific practices into our lives, we start witnessing the fruits provided by them. These specific fruits are revitalizing and crisp. The results are going to make us feel like someone new.

However, here is where the particular trap will come in: we drop our old personality, which was selfish, careless, and rude, for an improved identity of aware, giving, and compassionate. However, we are definitely missing the point.

The truth that we look for is somewhere beyond identity. We should not settle for something else than the truth. The truth will never change. It is timeless. But, our self-identity will change for sure, and that’s why it cannot be our truth.

Undoubted assumptions related to enlightenment

Unquestioned assumptions are going to lead to some illusions. If we seek enlightenment, we should periodically ask ourselves what kind of wisdom do we actually have or are those teachings that we follow becoming our mental knowledge?

Many people say that we are actually cosmic consciousness or awareness, beyond form. They say that we are, in fact, formless. But, these words are usually theoretically true, and not experientially.

That’s why we need spiritual checkups in order to make sure that we are the breathing, and walking expression of wisdom. Anything that comes and goes will not be the truth. Even some heightened sensations or spiritual experiences will form part of the Divine play.

Everything will be perfect

Sometimes, we will have to shed the illusion layers from old-fashioned beliefs to situations or people that have not been aligned with our true worthiness.

In fact, shedding is the unfolding process. When we operate from our presence rather than our ego, it will become easier. Presence accepts the conditions just like they are so that it is peaceful.

When we have to change the conditions, we need to take the right action. The ego will try to change the conditions with using fear, and asserting that when nothing changes, peace will not exist.

When several conditions arise, we may become worried, close down, or tense. We will forget to believe and rather than that we will say that conditions such. However, conditions will change, once we surrender and decide to take action right from presence.

Your faith won’t be put to a test

Life usually tests our faith. Challenges also happen in order to deepen our knowing or seeing the truth. This appears to be particularly true on our spiritual path.

When we think that we know how we can forgive, our Universe tests us with particular situations where we withheld forgiveness. When we think that we know how we can stay present, the Universe shatters our old lives into pieces and helps us start anew.

We need faith while it is still being cooked. The process of cooking is going to strengthen us. We are going to learn how to live as embodiments of truth.

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