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Potent New Moon In Gemini, June 3rd: Innovation & Major Creative Changes

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by Conscious Reminder

New moons are straightforward when it comes to their astrological impacts. They are pretty great boosters of energy and help boost the characters of the signs they reach.

This year has been exciting when it comes to moons. There was a brilliant red super moon in March and another Full Flower moon in May. In August, a rare blue moon is due, the likes of which won’t be seen till 2021.

The full flower moon, a dearth of energy for emotions was aggravated even more by the fact that it occured in the constellation of Scorpio.

This translated to you as a deep phase where you felt more like introspecting into your own unconscious and more often than not heeding the advice of the darker energies inside you, which are never necessarily bad.

This time the new moon is in Gemini, which promises to be a huge shift in energy for us all. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Gemini is full of great ideas. Innovation is kind of its thing. Hence with the energies of the new moon, it promises to bring about major creative changes and the power to bestow such powers onto you.

At the same time, it will be about two more things: one, dry facts. Geminis are extremely methodical and go by procedure, which more often than not ensures results in the long run, which brings us to the second point, patience.

Patience is going to be key in this phase as you will be advised to plant literal and metaphorical seeds. Beware, sweetest of fruits for those who wait.

Jupiter will be opposing the sun and the moon in this phase and it is advisable to calm down as an overload of dry facts might sometimes overwhelm you.

Also squaring off will be Neptune in Pisces, which can lead to confusion and chaos. With Pluto in Capricorn, this would mean large shifts on the personal front as well.

So how will things play out for you?

Take a look:


Good articulation of your ideas might help you achieve something big and important. At the same time, thanks to the same energy shifts, it is doesn’t come to pass, you will have to ensure that you heal quietly and calmly. Opposites, you say? Well, that is always a possibility with Gemini.


Thanks to the clarity of communication, you will see yourself surrounded by the allies you never knew you even had. With that knowledge, financial gain might follow, which is something a Taurus is always on the lookout for.


With the moon in your own sign, this will be the time to finally look for inspiration and truly let go of yourself, allowing your creative juices to flow through.


Gemini will make you more aware of your surroundings, your words and your relationships with others. This will help you to ease interpersonal tensions and matters that you overlooked before.


Social Gemini will help you find better opportunities at leadership and collaboration, things that you thrive on. The spotlight might just come to you in your hour of greatest want.


It is time you commit to the goals you set for yourself career-wise or relationship-wise. This is when you try and capitalize on the socializing energies of Gemini.


Introspect, on how to align your deepest desire and your future in a line. Introspection is like forming a strategy, a plan of action and that will always be beneficial for you in the long run.


Gemini will make you aware of the many people, especially your partner, who contribute to your success in life in general. This will also teach you to not take people for granted.


Though you are kind of the worst person to settle down in a relationship with, thanks to your Bohemian ways, this Gemini season might just help you achieve some level of decency and sanity in relationships.


This would be the time to heal from the scars you carry and to also help others whom you unwittingly hurt in the past. Closure can help you move on a lot more than you think.


This is the season to actually be light-hearted and happy and to participate in some form of merry-making. These things also help in healing.


This would be the time when you think of settling or actually settle. This is truly when you find your comfort zone.

Peace. May this Gemini season bring a lot of happiness.

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