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Why Most Twin Flame Runners Are Men

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by Conscious Reminder

The journey of twin flames is said to be gender-neutral. We can all be twin flames, and everybody could be our twin flame too. However, this experience will be different for males than it actually is for females.

More specifically, males have different challenges that they need to overcome because of their masculine energies, which produce differences in all the feelings that they experience.

It is important for everyone, particularly males, to actually know how those challenges of their relationship with their twin flame differ when it comes to feelings.

Twin flames aren’t gendered

The primary important thing is actually that for women and men, the process of this journey of twin flames is identical. This process is definitely the same when it comes to everybody. Also, the uniqueness of our relationship with our twin flame will come from our ways of experiencing it.

How we react to everything, the actions we take, and also the state we are in at each stage will make the relationship with our twin flame ours alone. So, when talking about how difficult the twin flame experiences for males are, we are precisely talking about those parts of their journey with their twin flame that are especially hard for men.

Intuition versus reason

Every person has an authentic mix of feminine and masculine energy. Men have more masculine instead of feminine energy.

The masculine one is especially suited to analytical thinking and reasoning. This is excellent for all those practical aspects forming part of the relationship between twin flames.

But, the feminine energy is the one which resonates closely with the intuition. In fact, intuition forms a huge part of this relationship between twin flames, as it represents the spiritual type of link which permits people to negotiate some more spiritually and emotionally challenging aspects related to it.

Struggling with their feelings

Masculine energies also interact with feelings differently than feminine energies. Males have better control over the emotions they feel when it comes to having the ability to start acting despite them. That’s why males cry less – it is not that they aren’t sad, but they can better control their feelings.

But, although masculine energies may control emotions, they don’t have some power over them. Feminine energies are much better at recognizing and also dealing with certain emotions, so females have better ability to process and work through their feelings.

In fact, this is definitely the key to a relationship between twin flames, and often the female twins are the ones that provide emotional intelligence which is needed in order to make some progress within it too.

Ego and pride

These are the biggest obstacles that males face with the feelings they have during the relationship with their twin flames. Masculine energies usually boost ego and pride, which is an explanation of the bullheaded behavior groups of which males are prone.

However, ego and pride have to be placed aside when talking about a relationship between twin flames. Males have many troubles with this, and that’s why they are usually the runner twin flame.

The runner twin flame runs through fear, an emotion based on their ego. So, for those who are men, or their twin flames are, they have to be conscious of all those different challenges masculine energies face when talking about feelings within a relationship between twin flames.

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