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7 Signs That You Are Spiritually Sick

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by Conscious Reminder

There are many warning signs or indications for the physical health of people, such as high levels of cholesterol, high white blood cell count, high blood pressure, etc. Also, there are many warning signs or indications for the spiritual health of people.

A lot of illnesses come from the spiritual wellbeing of a person. Spiritual illnesses affect us physically; however, when it comes to curing it, the person will have to work on his or spiritual health.

Here are the seven signs which point out some spiritual illness:

Chronic negativity and irritability

When we feel negative more often than usual, then we definitely suffer from some spiritual illness. Usually, our negativity will come from the lack of our personal power.

Given the current circumstances, living meaningful and joyful lives seems impossible. Although we would like to make some changes, they appear impossible to reach.

Usually, this negativity will become worse when we feel the pressure from society. Avoiding the sources of such negativity may be the primary step in returning our health. We may even try switching our thoughts in positive directions.

Physical symptoms

Very often, spiritual sickness may manifest as a physical symptom like headache, muscle tension, fatigue, and stomach upsets. If we suffer constant physical symptoms, we should seek a doctor’s help.

But, becoming far more conscious of our emotional and physical needs and spiritual needs may improve our situation dramatically.

We have to listen to our thoughts and emotions, and also our body. We should rest when we feel tired and eat when we are very hungry and be conscious of how our thoughts affect us in physical ways.

Anxiety and fear

These two are quite common signs or indications of some spiritual illness. If we are in harmony with this world or have faith in our Universe, we wouldn’t feel anxiety and fear. Rather than that, we are going to feel trusting and secure.

When we suffer from anxiety and fear, it means we have to work better on our beliefs.

Soul loss

Around different cultures, sickness is defined as the indication of soul loss. In fact, soul loss may happen through traumatic experiences like loss, war, or abuse.

But, soul loss may even be the result of lacking self-acceptance or feelings of worthlessness and shame. Usually, we hide those parts of us which our culture or family does not consider acceptable. This will result in splitting of our own selves.

We have to accept every part of ourselves, giving ourselves unconditional love.

Remorse, guilt, and shame

Sometimes, we can feel guilt and remorse for actions which harmed other people. But, we have to actually forgive ourselves because we did such mistakes and also ask others for forgiveness where appropriate.

When we finally did everything we could to rectify every mistake, we have to release them. We aren’t perfect, so we shouldn’t expect to live these lives without making some mistakes.

Guilt and shame may even come from the social environment or our upbringing. When we feel ashamed of our bodies, beliefs, or behaviors, we can be damaged spiritually and emotionally.

Blame, anger, and resentment

If we constantly blame other people for every circumstance in our lives, we actually give away every power we have to make some changes. If we experience anger and resentment, it is a sign of some spiritual illness. If we avoid accepting responsibility for our lives, we can’t take action in order to be whole once again.

If we experienced some negative things in our lives, people should not blame us, but we can always choose our response. Responding with anger, resentment, and blame is not going to maintain our emotional and spiritual health in good conditions.

Lack of happiness and melancholy

In western societies, depression reached some kind of epidemic proportions. In fact, the reasons for that are many and are also different. But, spiritual illnesses are among the important factors.

When political, social, or economic circumstances are forcing us to live meaningless lives continually, we can easily start feeling melancholic. Even finding several moments on a daily basis to do things which bring us joy may help start our journey towards our spiritual health.

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