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Powerful New Moon In Aries, April 5th: Breaking The Habit

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon in April happens on the 5th of April in Aries. This New Moon is going to bring with it entirely fresh and new energy.

In fact, the energy which was present in the last several weeks probably made us feel just like we were walking around in circles; however, we should know that the energy of the following New Moon will start positive changes in our life.

This will be an excellent time to begin creating more comfort and security in our life. These things may be relationships, financial or comfort, and security only within us. The New Moon will be an excellent time for us to set our intentions out in our Universe.

The New Moon will call for us in order to find our zone of comfort, and it is going to assist us in finding our security and stability so that we can actually keep moving forward in positive ways.

We may need some time for this, but if we permit our guides and angels to guide us, we are going to find our perfect spot, knowing that it’s a blessed one.

Every Divine energy will come together in order to help us find comfort, peace of mind, and security.

However, we should take everything easy, trying not to rush something quickly. In order to do everything well and also in the correct way, we have to go slowly, keeping our focus on everything before our faces.

This will be an excellent time actually to commit to some personal goals which express positive energies. It will be the time also to take some action – we should try something innovative and new, and do it with confidence and enthusiasm.

We should be assertive without even being abrasive; we should take care of our own lives; we should start new projects; we should discover our personal courage. 

New Moons are the symbol of new beginnings, which means that when we look at our old aims and create new ones.

New Moons are an excellent time actually to contemplate upon our lives. New Moons mean opportunity to begin anew and also refresh our desires and dreams. They are magical times as well.

Has someone of you set the Resolutions of New Year which probably need a small boost by now?

If any of our goals have transformed from good to bad, now it will be the perfect time to actually support them, using the energy of the April New Moon and its symbolism and importance.

In fact, it is really significant to pull energies inward and be the brightest and most beautiful lights that we can be, in order to show our greatest love. We really hope that the light which we are going to shine is going to catch other people.

In order to make this period a sacred one, we can use four different items in order to honor each element.

We can have with us one small bottle filled with sand, to use it for the earth element, then a feather used for the air element, a candle colored red for the fire element, and one cup filled with water used for the water element.

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