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These 5 Essential Oils Are Excellent For Soul Healing

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by Conscious Reminder

When we are prepared to look at spirituality, it will come to us. In reality, our connections with our spirit come as we look inward.

Some subtle clues may come from the external sources which intrigue us and connect to the emotions we have.

Nature is holding the secrets about a lot of lessons regarding spirituality. The connection to our spirit will not just express itself with the help of nature, but the essential building blocks related to the answers of life will express themselves too.

In healing, the actual spirit or essence of the gifts of nature is essential oils. They are actually extracted from herbs and flowers by cold-pressing, just like with some citrus fruits, and by the so-called steam distillation, just like in flowers and plants.

Such pure extracts of oil have specific therapeutic properties which can be utilized in a lot of various forms of health and healing. Recalling the incense from a special memory or time in our life will be a transforming and life-affecting experience.

Here are the five most common essential oils we can use to heal our soul:

Rose or Rosa damascena

The rose is the mother of every flower, and it has fascinating powers of trust, self-acceptance, and love. A rose represents hope, faith, and love. It has the capacity to restore the very center of the being of a person.

The psychological properties of the rose oil lie in its impact on our mind, our emotional being’s center. The rose oil will also support and calm our heart and help us in nourishing our soul.

Lavender or Lavender cassia

The lavender oil is the most commonly used and notable essential oil in Materia Aromatica. It is flower oil which is utilized as an antibiotic, antiseptic, immune stimulant, and an anti-depressant.

Moreover, it is helpful with problems of anxiety or sleep, because of the sedative properties it possesses. It is famous for treating blisters, and burns, wounds, insect bites, heat exhaustion, and stings. Pregnant women should avoid this oil during the first trimester of their pregnancy.

Peppermint or Mentha piperita

From all volatile oils, the peppermint oil is definitely the most commonly used one, both commercially and medically. Its original antispasmodic activity is most usually utilized, and it adds to the powers of this oil when it comes to pain relieving.

From its stomachic, carminative, and stimulating properties, it may be valuable in specific dyspepsia forms, usually used for colic and flatulence. Moreover, it may be utilized for other different and sudden cramps and pains in our abdomen, and for headaches as well.

Cedarwood or Cedrus atlantica

This oil has a warm, rich, sweet, and woody fragrance. It is actually extracted by steam distillation from wood. The soothing and rich oil is utilized in treating respiratory problems.

It is really effective against bronchitis and coughs, and it possesses antiseptic properties or is even beneficial in treating eczema, acne, and dandruff. However, one of its most beneficial uses is in treating tension and stress.

Sweet Orange or Citrus sinensis

This oil comes from the fruit’s rind, and it is utilized mainly as an agent for flavoring. The orange oil represents an antiseptic, antidepressant, antispasmodic, digestive, and carminative tonic.

It is also helpful in spreading sunshine when depression or gloomy thoughts set in. Its effect is really warming and comforting, and it dispels stress and tension.

Moreover, it is beneficial for bronchitis, colds, and fever, particularly when we rub it on the chest or head.

It can help us with insomnia and anxiety, or even with dry skin conditions, softening dermatitis and wrinkles, making it a perfect skin tonic. It can even make our skin photo-sensitive to sunlight.

In fact, essential oils may serve a lot of different purposes, and in many different ways. We can make massage blends, rubs, inhalants, compresses, perfume blends or diffuser blends. We can choose the form which will fit into our lifestyle and suit us best.

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