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7 Things You Better Avoid When Fighting With Your Partner

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When you are bickering with some person it easier to hurt them with whatever comes to your mind, but the bitterness caused by your words and actions can remain for a long period of time and eventually can end your relationship.

Below are few examples of the things you should never do or say when you are fighting with your significant other.

1. Avoid pulling members of your family into your quarrel

The argument is between you and your partner. Whenever you pull each other’s relatives and parents into your fights, you add fuel to the fire and make it worse. Even after things calm down between you two, it is possible for the other involved people to remember everything and use that against you whenever they get the chance.

2. Never be violent with your partner

When we are fighting with someone we tend to bring out each other’s worst side. In the act of trying to win the argument, some might use their physical force and hurt the other person. No matter how furious and angry you get with your beloved you must never be violent. This will harm your relationship and all the emotions you had before will disappear once you do this.

3. Try to resolve the issues separately

Always deal with every issue separately. If the fight is regarding some household work, then keep it to be about that and don’t mix it with other things and issues. Because when you mix things up you turn some trivial issue into a big fight. And then it is normal for your partner to worry about being in a relationship which is so difficult and demanding.

4. Don’t mention a divorce

While you are having a conflict you must never mention a divorce, because that will insult your partner. This will cause distress for your partner and this can get them really upset. If you keep repeating about filling for a divorce, it will soon turn into a reality and harm the both of you. If two people love one another they should not talk about getting separated from each other.

5. Don’t leave the fight incomplete

Don’t feel awkward when you are having a conflict with your loved one and leave the place. That only shows that you are not comfortable being with your partner as soon as things go little bit of lines. Leaving the house and banging the door will keep things unresolved and reflect immaturity in front of your partner. The better thing to do is wait until both of you are calm and then try to settle the things with maturity.

6. Don’t keep things unresolved and go to bed

Going to sleep separately when you just had a fight shows that you are not willing to resolve the problem. You might go to bed individually, but don’t change your regular routine you eventually will wake up close to each other and forget about the argument you had last night.

7. Don’t make your personal life issues public

Always keep your personal life problems for yourselves. It is always better to solve your issues in private. If you fight in front of other people, you only disrespect each other and show your bad sides to them.

Avoid these things while you are having a conflict and maintain a good and positive relationship with your partner.

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