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When You Meet Your Twin Flame For The First Time

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by Conscious Reminder

After the stage of preparation, and when we long for, our Universe is going to conspire to finally bring us together with our twin flame.

This is a stage called the meeting of twin flames, and it is going to be the first seeing of our twin flame.

There are intense experiences awaiting twin flames that are going to meet for the first time.

Building up the meeting of twin flames.

In those days or weeks, which lead up to our meeting with our twin flame, we are going to start noticing small changes around us.

Our friends will start getting into new relationships; we will begin noticing a great number of couples everywhere we go, or the romance synchronicity will follow us wherever we go.

Promotions and adverts will offer things that we want, but they will all be geared towards couples.

When we pay more attention, we are going to notice some numbers of twin flames, such as 11:11 appearing in our everyday lives.

These are actually signs that our subconscious minds attune to, and we are going to start getting ready for the appearance of our twin flame.

The day when we are going to meet.

The first day that we are going to see our twin flame, we are going to find out that the plans that we had are going to go straight out of the window.

Our Universe will present us tricks to get us in the identical place and at the identical time.

We are going to find ourselves somewhere we weren’t intending to be. Maybe someone has invited us to some party several minutes ago, or we had to get our shopping across town as our local store is shut. There, we are going to see our twin flame for the first time.

The colliding of souls – meeting our twin flame.

When we see our twin flame for the first time, we are going to lock eyes. In fact, there is something automatic related to this, as our gaze will be magnetically attracted to the gaze of our twin flame for some time, and we could not look away when we want to.

We may approach him, or her, or vice versa, or maybe a friend of ours will introduce us. Right when we hear the voice of our twin flame, the air is going to disappear off the place we are. While we are talking to him or her, some warm recognition wave is going to rise within us.

We are going to remember that, in fact, this was not our first meeting at all. Deep inside us, we are aware of the fact that it will not be our last meeting too.

We are going to feel our energy rise, and it will manifest as nervousness, giddiness, and tingling. The energy will also be very exciting, causing us to be shy a little bit; however, it may also cause us to babble.

There is going to be powerful and mutual chemistry and attraction between us. It will truly feel like meeting our twin soul, a person whose essence will be akin to ours.

However, the first meeting is going to be over too soon. But, we are both going to leave with unshakeable feelings that we just met a special person.

Our Universe has still a lot to do with us; it has not finished yet. Our twin flame journey will pick up speed.

When we have finally met, there will probably not be a day in our lives during which we aren’t going to think of one another.

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