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How Astrology Can Improve Your Love Life

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by Conscious Reminder

When talking about romance, and also the dating world, maybe looking to all those stars up in the sky when we move ahead will be an excellent idea.

When we get to know our astrology signs better, and the astrology signs of the ones that we care about and love the most, we can grow the connection that we have with them.

The celestial bodies’ placement now, and at the period of our birth make up the things and moments that we are currently experiencing.

Also, when talking about better understanding our relationship and also the areas where we might need a little bit of work, we have to look to the so-called synastry.

For those people that aren’t conscious of synastry, it is an astrological study of the relationships through methods of looking at and then comparing the natal charts.

For doing this, we will need our natal chart, but we will also need a chart for our partner. We have to take a look at all those different placements, diving into the ones that clash, and see whether our Venus signs are compatible.

In order to study the relationship between individuals, their charts are often compared through synastry.

It is actually the technique of comparing the birth charts of both of them with everything of the natal planetary aspects, positions, and houses.

For example, when one planet in the chart of one of them has the same aspect with one planet in the chart of the other people, there is definitely a significant connection between the two of them.

If they share more aspects, they will have something more they can learn from their connection, and each planet’s role is going to be of enormous significance as well.

For romantic relationships, aspects between Venus signs or strong contracts through sexual connections between Mars and the Moon, Mars, and Venus, or Mars and Mars are expected.

In the study of synastry, looking at the dispositions in the charts of each other is also important.

This, in fact, means that when one individual has one plant in some specific sign, the significance of the location of the ruler of the second person will also be understood.

This is going to be the specific planet which is going to lead the primary one into its particular aspects and dignity.

For instance, a positive situation is going to be seeing two partners, one of them having the Moon happening in Capricorn, while the other having Saturn happening in Taurus.

In fact, this is going to mean that the person number one is taught by his or her partner to find the love within and also form family values and a home they lack.

How we decide to move ahead is up to our partner and us.

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