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Here’s What The Mars-Jupiter Conjunction This March Means For You

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by Conscious Reminder

Jupiter and Mars align around every two years and their powers combine to bring us higher vibrations. This year, on 20th March, the fiery red planet will conjunct with the planet of expansion and abundance in Capricorn.

This conjunction will take place soon after the Spring Equinox and just before Saturn moves into Aquarius. So, March-end will be quite potent, with 3 incredible events taking place back-to-back.

The electric energy of the Mar-Jupiter conjunction will heighten the ability to manifest our thoughts. We will be motivated to finish all pending work by taking positive strives.

The 2020 conjunction is all the more special since it happens at 23 degrees of Capricorn. In January, we experienced the rare and transformative alignment of Saturn and Pluto in the same degree and this March conjunction will also be just as potent! As Mars and Jupiter prepare to align, they will rekindle the Saturn-Pluto energy.

This particular degree in Capricorn will be very sensitive in the coming days. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction only adds to its power. We will notice how things are escalating around us. But Jupiter and Mars offer different energies that we must tune into.

The fiery red planet is all about energy and action. It guides us to conquer our fears. When its vibrations are low, Mars will spread fear, and we will feel powerless in the face of heightening situations.

But when on higher vibrations, the red planet reminds us of our strength. It tells us not to be scared of our fears but rather use them to stay motivated.

When we can accept our fears, we will be able to understand where there is an imbalance in our lives. Our fears highlight the areas where we need more love and care.

The planet of expansion usually exercises its energy to magnify our feelings and the events around us. Mostly a benevolent planet, Jupiter can expand both negative feelings and the positive ones.

So, it’s up to us how we deal with this planet’s energy. If we focus on the higher vibrations, Jupiter is sure to bring abundance in our lives.

When both the planets are at their highest vibrations, they remind us of our inner strength, healing powers, and wisdom. They guide us to align with our higher self so that we can tap into our true powers. They will remind us that while fear is ever-present, we have the power to decide how we react to it.

This Mars-Jupiter conjunction, just between the Equinox and the Saturn-shift, will be increasing the already heightened energy around the world.

The best way to deal with the energy of this conjunction is to just pause and align yourself. Remember the power you have within- it will get you through these times.

2020 has many such potent astrological events scheduled. Overall, this is a great year to channelize our inner thoughts into actions. Align with the vibrations and bring peace to the world.

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