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Once You Accept That Nothing Is Forever, Your Life Will Drastically Improve

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by Conscious Reminder

While many people feel afraid when they see how something ends, those that have the ability to accept the fact that new beginnings always come from endings, fear almost nothing.

Although moving ahead into something unknown seems confusing at times, it would always be better than being stuck in our past.

Regardless of the person who we are, and what we do, there is going to come the time when every single thing will come to an end. Dreams end and our lives end too. We will lose our friends, our workplace, our loved ones, and above everything else, we need to have the ability to accept this.

Change is the one thing in the world which is entirely constant, and it can’t be avoided. Change must occur, in one way or another. Those of us that find it hard to accept that everything in the world is inevitably going to end one day have to find some ways to accept it finally. We will be closer to this acceptance as we grow as an individual.

Here are the seven improvements which are going to appear once we realize that everything in our lives will end sooner or later:

1. We will value our opinions more.

When we finally realize that nothing will last forever, we will stop worrying about everything that others around us say, particularly the ones we don’t want in our lives. We will also realize that at the end of the day, we are the ones that live our lives. The opinions of others about something we do should not matter more than our own.

2. We realize the small amount of time we really have.

One day, everything will end, and each year is flying by quicker than we can actually realize. When we finally accept death or everything else regarding that, we will really start seeing how a small amount of time we actually have in this world. The days will pass by, and if we blink quickly, they are going to be all gone before we even know it.

3. We start chasing our dreams.

When we realize that everything is not as we hoped for, we will start chasing our dreams, or the things that we have constantly dreamed of. We will start putting ourselves out there and doing extreme things to make accomplishments. Time will never be on our part, and we know that more than before.

4. We learn to respect and appreciate the ones around us more.

Those people around us are not going to be with us forever, and we need to show some respect and kindness to them, while we have the ability to, as they deserve it. Life is fragile and too short. One day, we may wake up and see that our loved one is not by our side. Then, we will think if we can honestly say that we really appreciated him or her the fullest. We will think about such things when we finally accept that endings happen more prominently than they are supposed to.

5. We will be more willing when it comes to putting ourselves out there.

When we finally start seeing this world for everything that it really is, we will also have the desire to do everything we once wanted to do. We can finally start a hobby or go traveling somewhere we really wanted.

6. We say everything we have to say rather than holding back.

Now, we say some things we feel the necessity to say. We say that we love those around us and we do not close ourselves off anymore. We also ensure that our intentions are finally appropriately met.

7. We choose to actually be a version of ourselves that we really want to.

When we are finally where we are supposed to really be in our lives, we start growing into someone we were sure we could be, and we were supposed to be. In fact, this is something marvelous and not a thing that every person is able to accomplish. If we are growing, we are definitely doing something more than most people do.

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