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Spiritual Guides Sometimes Come In Small Packages

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When working with people in order to discover the spirit guides within them, there is usually a huge expectation that you are going to encounter a specific type of guide.

For instance, a tall and wise guide, or also a beautiful female guide in a lovely gown, or even a devoted monk, etc.

And still, frequently, actually very frequently, people will have those tiny guides that show themselves up in several guide positions, such as a spiritual teacher, earth guide and mystic guide.

This little guide can be a leprechaun, a fairy, or even something just like Tinkerbell, Usually, when people notice the tiny guides, the first thing they do is a laugh, as their guides can be delightful.

However, they tend to get worried after that, thinking that their guides are not big or strong enough.

You should not be confused when it comes to the way in which your guide will show up first.

In all of the cases, tiniest guides are definitely not tiny: they just show themselves in front of you in that way, in order to accept and receive them more comfortable.

Usually, guides use their friendliness and humor in one same way. In fact, they will show up in non-aggressive and non-powerful ways, in order to not make you afraid, let your guard down, or your childlike self will see clearly.

Moreover, underneath that tiny aspect, our guides also have a lot of other ways in which they can represent themselves to us because they are actually incredibly wise and powerful.

When we think that we are prepared to see that, we should ask our tiny guides to show us the other different aspects of themselves, or even see how they are shaping shift in something different.

So, the power that we are going to feel is going to be astounding. Moreover, we are going to be able to see how powerful and big they actually are: ascended masters of energetic ability and even great wisdom.

After all, we may prefer our spirit guides to be tiny ones.

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