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Full Strawberry Moon In Sagittarius: Resolving Personal Conflicts

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by Conscious Reminder

This month will be full of different events battering us from every side. Don’t be worried though! It’s not going to be all that bad. The New Moon has already put us in the right path – now, it’s time to see where the Full Moon takes us.

The Full Moon will take place on June 17th. It is going to come in the sign of Sagittarius. This will be an intense lunar event.

The Full Moon is taking place just before the Eclipse and has a lot of preparatory energy present within. It will bring about shifts in our everyday lives and bring us more clarity in how we should be leading our current life.

You may have a tendency to overwork. Being workaholic is not something to be praised – thing is, you tend to lose out on family time. However, during the Full Moon, you will end up finding yourself making time for your family.

Your focus will be on making memories – of taking your journey forward with your loved ones. When the planet Saturn will conjunct with Neptune, you will have a strong sense of self-belief.

You will be provided a dose of patience – you are willing to do things right, even if it takes a long time. You will develop self-discipline and the more disciplined you become, the wiser you will turn out to be.

On the other hand, start by being as optimistic as you can. The Full Moon will support you. However, don’t go overboard with unrealistic optimism. Learn your limitations and work on them. No dream can be achieved by just talent – it has to be paired with hard work. Lots of it.

When Jupiter will form a square with Neptune, you might end up being hit with a load of disappointment. You will start questioning yourself and your belief system.

This is the time when you might incline towards extremities – that is, you might end up being too trusting or optimistic.

When you are in this state, don’t go down terrible paths like engaging with drugs and gambling. Rather be with your family and trust their advice. They will guide you well.

However, you will not be left alone by the planets in this fight. Saturn will come in conjunction with Neptune. It will back you up by bringing a bit of realism to you and lowering the effects of delusion.

You will be able to channel your enthusiasm into a bit of realistic hard work. When Mercury comes in conjunction with Mars, it will increase your focusing skills. The better the focus, the more capable you will be to achieve your dreams.

It will, however, make you feel like you have to complete tasks with a sense of urgency, which might only lead to ill-temper and nervousness.

Don’t let it rule you – nervousness can only ruin tasks. If you do not have any projects to complete, engage in debates or solving puzzles. Don’t get too hostile with others. Do some mental exercises.

When Mercury comes in opposition to Saturn and Mars enters in opposition with Saturn, negative energy swoops in. You may hear some bad news and it will make you frustrated and angry.

You might even engage in bullying, physical abuse and envy. If it continues, you will end up being lonely and full of miscommunication and poor self-esteem.  It will make you spiral down a pool of depression.

To avoid falling down this pit, start by disciplining yourself to hard work. Imagine the satisfying results that you will get in the end. You don’t have to lose on that.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius will bring up conflicts. All you need to do is find a way to get out of it. Rise up from the darkness – the Full Moon will help you.

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