12 Characteristics Unique To Strong & Independent Woman

by Conscious Reminder

All the girls in this world want to become strong women. However, what actually makes them so strong?

These are the twelve authentic qualities that strong women possess:

They are empathetic.

These women are always going to offer you advice, help, comfort, and shoulder you can cry on. In fact, they know what weakness means, and they succeed to escape the dark places they were at so that being empathetic will come naturally. As they were in pain once, and know that it feels terrifying, they always want to offer help to other people, in order to feel better.

They do not like drama.

What strong women definitely hate is drama, so that they are going to do their best in order to avoid such things. Actually, they do not have much time for shade and drama, as they prefer talking about some meaningful topics.

They are confident.

The first trait of strong women is confidence, as they don’t have space for insecurities. This actually makes them always feel secure in themselves.

They stand up for themselves and for other people.

In fact, these women are said to be outspoken, particularly when other people treat them quite poorly. Their sense of morality is strong, so when some injustice happens, they are definitely going to speak up. Strong women don’t fear to call out people, particularly when those individuals violate their feelings and beliefs.

They respect other people.

These women are aware of the fact that every person in this world fucks up, which means that they shouldn’t judge anyone. Strong women always treat other people with respect and kindness, regardless of how hard it can be.

They know their needs and wants.

The path to accomplishing and their dreams are strongly cemented in strong women’s minds. They don’t have self-doubt or hesitation so that when they really want something, they are going to get it.

They support and admire other women.

These women never gossip, judge, criticize or envy other women. Rather than that, they are one another’s inspiration and role models. They always support and admire others like them, and help those who are in need.

They are mentally, intellectually, and emotionally mature.

In fact, strong women were through many things in their lives, meaning that their experiences made them even stronger. They even learned how to use the experiences from their past in order to strengthen and improve themselves right now. They approach their lives with insight and knowledge as they have learned from every failure and mistake they made.

They want their lives to be meaningful.

These women are aware of the fact that the material possessions they have will not bring them everlasting happiness. They actually want irreplaceable experiences and rich knowledge. They strive to always help other people to create some meaning in their lives. They are dreamers who are always looking for the following big thing they should accomplish.

They are great communicators.

In fact, strong women may effortlessly establish communication with other people. They always help other people understand them. Also, they enjoy it when they have meaningful conversations, or when they get to know others on more profound levels.

They never hesitate to walk away.

These women will refuse to allow people that do not add to their happiness to enter in their lives. They are going to push away those that will give off toxic energies. When they actually feel that someone is not adding value to their lives anymore, they are going to walk away.

They are honest.

These women are quite honest, and they don’t have time for telling lies. They value what is true, regardless of how difficult it would be to hear. Also, they are straightforward, and they are always going to express their needs and wants.

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