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The Planet Is Being Affected By Some Intense Energies This Week

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

As the so-called Strawberry Full Moon is about to come, energies related to it are appearing more quickly than before. During the past several weeks, things also became increasing ‘rough’ and intense. 

We have probably all noticed that some people are behaving strangely. We have probably also noticed a chilled out person becoming anxious and frustrated.

All this happens because the energies of the upcoming Full Moon are reaching every one of us.

In fact, for those people who are more spiritual than others, this June Full Moon is going to be a very special one. Its intensity could also make us angry and frustrated, depending on the ways it will affect us as an individual.

This lunar cycle will give us the chance to provoke some external changes, and it will force us to take the path we are supposed to so that we can reach right where we have to be. As a result of this Strawberry Full Moon, we could also be pushed into something that we don’t feel prepared for.

At the time of the lunar cycle, we are supposed to demand something more from our own selves, so that’s why as the energies are rising and this event is becoming closer, we are going to become quite nutty.

Our strength will be tested even before this Full Moon starts. Although it is two days away, many people were feeling its pressure for some time. There are energies shifting towards actual movement, which some of us find very difficult to handle too.

Moreover, those people who are acting odd can also not be conscious of what really happens. This Full Moon will be intense on a cosmic and energetic level.

The magical and intense energies, which are about to come, cannot be explained with words. When the Full Moon comes, we are probably going to feel quite overwhelmed.

Those of us who are considered empaths, or are simply more sensitive and emotional than others, will definitely feel these energies more intensely.

Now, it would be the right time to step out of our zone of comfort before the June Full Moon starts.

We should set up things so that at the time the energies shove us forward where we have to be, they will not be that harsh. During this lunar cycle, one important thing we have to do is connect ourselves with our moon.

In order to work as we have to with all those energies which are about to come, or bring more changes in our lives, we have to focus on the energies of the moon, and utilize our Labrodite crystals, in order to get everything going, and providing us with protective vibrations.

We are not supposed to feel afraid of everything that is about to come, because it will be an excellent experience for every one of us, regardless of the fact if we will all be aware of it or not.

We should enjoy everything that comes. The energies of the Full Moon will not be terrifying, although many people speculate they would be.

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