3 Powerful Eclipses Indicate 2019 Will Be A Year Of Eclipse Energy

by Conscious Reminder

2018 is leaving us. In 2018, many planets had moved into earth signs.  You are more grounded than before, more secure and strong in the place you are. The grounding elements of the Earth energy does not cease in 2018 – it continues in 2019 too.

So, if you missed any of this grounding magic, 2019 will make it up to you. But this coming year, Earth elements will have a sprinkle of a series of Eclipses taking place as well.

Moving into the Earthy elements

As 2019 ends, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter will be in the earth signs. It means we will be empowered to search our roots within and make sure that we are more grounded than before. Security of the self will be our prime goal. As we find our roots, we can start building ourselves slowly, around our roots so that we don’t go wayward again.

On an environmental level, the Earth energy will have its effect on some of the major sectors like environment, banking and the government. It will be a time for reviewing and changing their structure and ways, especially by the time we arrive at the end of 2020. The entire 2019 will be a good period for preparation – getting ready for the major energy shifts waiting to greet us in 2020.

2019 comes with its share of eclipses – three of them, to be exact. January will bring the first eclipse, July the second, and the final one will happen in December. Each of these eclipses will have a special effect in our preparation for 2020.

The January Eclipse

The Eclipses in January will set the tone of the year. It prepares us to take on the year by showing a glimpse of what it holds, and throughout the eclipse, it will put us in a transformative mode. In the first three months, there will be a lot of movement and we might be placed into a whole new path to walk on.

We may be making a great progress in this path too. New Year resolutions are meant to be kept but they might undergo some changes as we move through this year. January would be a time when you will be thinking and going through some personal changes. It will be by February or March that you will finally understand which direction you need to go.

Moving to the next Eclipse

As we move towards the next eclipse. We will have a period of relaxation. It had been a tough time and we need to take a time-out. It is a slow energy and it gives us the time to look inside and introspect. We have to dig deeper, find out our wounds and deal with them. We have to travel to our inner darkness and bring them before the light.

It’s a scary venture, and not everyone of us is willing to undertake it. But we need to shine, and get our real selves out into the world. We need to fight the darkness. The planets are slowing down because of that – it’s giving us the time to dig deep and heal, before the December Eclipse arrives. If we try, we might reach higher planes of consciousness.

The Final December Eclipse

The December Eclipse brings the promise of opportunities back to us. We can look back and see how our year went – the light will shine on our past achievements of the year. The December Eclipse show us how much we have grown, and what is going to come in our way.

Not only will the eclipses be high on earthy energy, but it will also have strong lunar energy paired with it. The moon is magical and feminine – it connects us to our inner emotions and leads to emotional maturity. With the grounding element of the earth and the emotional stability offered by the lunar energy, we can rise above our materialistic needs and become an enlightened person.

It’s a time for both rest and motion – but above all, it’s a time for preparation. 2019 comes as a whetstone for 2020 – be one with the energy and grow strong. Be ready!

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