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These 4 Zodiacs Will Be Least Affected By December’s Gemini Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

12th December 2019 hosts the last Full Moon of the 2019 Fall, the last of the year, and of the decade!

A lot to handle right? Luckily, these 4 zodiac signs will glide through this intense Moon and enjoy a couple of days of calm and relaxation.

The four zodiacs will be busy recharging themselves for the holiday season while others are stuck in a hectic schedule full of changes. So which ones get to enjoy this Moon?


This Gemini Full Moon is all about relaxing and focusing on yourself, Aries peeps! Cancel all plans and enjoy a day pampering yourself.

You don’t need to socialize now or even go through any rituals for the Full Moon. Don’t feel bad about abandoning your friends. You need this me-time to let go of all your worries. Enjoy a calm and happy night-in!


Much like Aries, you too need to destress now at home. You are exhausted and the Full Moon night is the perfect time to enjoy a hot bath.

Relax while you can, you have been working pretty hard lately. While others will be scampering around, the Moon is rather kind on you now.


While you are among the ones to be least affected by the Full Moon now, you will still be feeling those energies. Circumstances may push your buttons but you have to take the high road. Getting down to petty arguments is not like you, right?

So if things turn intense in a discussion, just take some time off. Take a few deep breaths and keep in mind it is just the fleeting effect of the Gemini Full Moon. Things are not as bad as they appear to be, so relax all you can.


With your own season just around the corner, why lose your cool now? You will enjoy this FullMoon but don’t let small problems blow out of proportions.

If the people around you are not performing up to your expectations, cut them some slack. Just because the Moon won’t be affecting you much doesn’t mean everyone is immune to her effects. Focus on your plans for the coming weeks and enjoy the calm.

So Aries, Cancerians, Libras, and Capricorns- enjoy the calm Full Moon. You can also perform your own rituals or just lie back and stare into the night.

Be happy that the Gemini Full Moon won’t be creating any major waves in your life at the end of this wonderful year!

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