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June & The Moon: Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius & Solar Eclipse In Cancer

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by Conscious Reminder

June will bring two important eclipses, the Sagittarius lunar eclipse and the Cancer solar eclipse.

Since this cosmic activity involves a variety of energies, things might get chaotic. Read ahead, and you will know what to expect in the near future!

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

The Sun, the Moon, and Sagittarius will be in perfect alignment for the first lunar eclipse in this zodiac to occur. It will take place on 5th June this year.

The key feature of the Sagittarius lunar eclipse is that it will push us to aspire for freedom. I’m sure by this time, the lockdowns imposed due to the global pandemic are already getting to many of us. But be careful in June, as the lunar eclipse might force us to flout physical distancing orders. Many of us will feel like escaping to someplace else.

However, since Sagittarius rules beliefs and communication, our willpower and determination will find a stronger grip. We will be able to share our opinions and stories. It is possible that we might even get into lively discussions that will change our worldview.

Remember to back your words up with actions. Harness the energy of Sagittarius to finish whatever project has been pending. See that your beliefs and desires are materialized.

Lunar eclipses are generally emotionally draining, but since Sagittarius is confident and optimistic, you will be taken good care of.

Venus will be in Retrograde in the twin Gemini. Neptune and Mars will form a square in Pisces. This heavy cosmic activity might make things go out of control. Square Mars is likely to make you feel frustrated and agitated. Be careful of what you say, and do not take any impulsive decisions.

Cancer Solar Eclipse

The Sun, the Moon, and Cancer will stand in direct opposition for the solar eclipse to take place. It will occur on 21st March this year.

Since Cancer rules the domestic sphere, our energies will be devoted to family and home affairs. This will be the perfect time to sort out any family issues that might have been haunting you all.

Solar eclipses are usually positive in nature and combined with the emotionally mature Cancer, we will be able to deal with sensitive issues in a proper way. Use this energy to motivate yourself and instill this positivity in other members of your family.

You can work on strengthening your inner foundation. Remember, the stronger it is, the longer it will hold you.

Cancer will also encourage us to remember our family roots. We will need to take a step back and observe our journey and where we came from.

This Cancer solar eclipse will be the last one in this zodiac, so, we might feel a sense of ending. It might get emotional, but remember that one end signifies another beginning.

Saturn in Aquarius will form a trine and Mars in Pisces will form a square. As discussed earlier, square Mars has the capability of bringing out our frustrations.

Although it might sound like a bad thing, it is not necessarily so. Use the frustration as a cathartic experience. Purge out your emotions and use Cancer’s emotional intelligence to figure out your inner issues.

Saturn is currently in Retrograde, so, you should focus on finishing any project that you might have started. Tie things up so that you can move ahead without any baggage.

Energies will be high, and if you are a sensitive being, you might feel overpowered. But remember that all the cosmic activities can be beneficial for you if you learn to harness their energies in the right way.

So, chin up and walk ahead. Trust in the Universe!

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