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Mercury Is Going Retrograde Again On July 26th And It’s Showing So Much Potential

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Like the element, the planet Mercury is highly unpredictable, and has unstable forms, that can affect us, and the way we go about our life.

But when Mercury is in a state of retrograde, we tend to get crazy and start cleansing our homes, bringing out those old forgotten beads, and pray for the worst to get over. But, what if that fear is overrated?

While every site you go to, would tell you how dangerous this Retrograde is, and that we shouldn’t touch electronics, not go out, and not be ‘frisky’ for lack of a better term.

But, keep in mind this little tidbit of information that Mercury retrograde occurs 3-4 times in a year, and if it were possible for us humans to stay away from how science has benefitted us, we would never move towards science.

People can’t just throw away their daily lives, for prejudice now, can they?

When Mercury Retrograde occurs on July 26th, you will be warned to avoid any such interactions with modernity, but they would never tell you about the lighter part of things, the simple being that you would not be harmed from it.

Yes, there might be some technical and electrical glitches in your devices, and your long buried relationships might come up, but it would result in you turning more mature, wiser and a ‘man of the world’.

Don’t be afraid of something that you don’t know much about, for that is true. We as humans haven’t made such a giant leap forwards with science that we can properly reason with everything that happens around us, and the truth is that we are far from knowing anything at all. So, prejudice is never the answer to any problem.

So, despite the obvious hazards that Mercury Retrograde brings forth, the lighter side of things is equal.

Mercury will align with Leo, and that would enable better communication, and efficient living. Focusing on the dark would never bring forth the light, and that would be such a waste.

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