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March 17th Pisces New Moon — Healing Time For Your Deepest Wounds

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by Conscious Reminder

This march will see a New Moon at 27° in the Pisces sign on 17th. This might be a painful time for many as Chiron which is the minor planet is very close to the moon. The moon, Mars and Uranus together make an aspect which is known as Medium Learning triangle. This means that you will heal through your learning.

Meaning of New Moon

The New Moon phase is when the cycle of Moon renews itself. The conjunction of the Sun and the Moon adds a burst of initiative and energy to the world. If you’ve been pondering over a new project, this is the time to make it happen. Simultaneously, time is also ripe for letting go of old habits and people who you think are no longer beneficial for your growth.


The exact angle at which the New Moon rests in Pisces is 26°53’. The aspect which Mars and Uranus form together represents harmony and contentment. However the aspect that Mars and the New Moon make will bring on some rather uncomfortable truths to the surface. It will be powerful enough to disrupt the harmony of mars and Uranus.

But the semi-sextile aspect between the New Moon and Uranus seems to offer a solution to bring together these two inherently opposite positions of complete calm and complete disruption. This aspect is all about experimenting and learning from your mistakes. Instead of trying to run away from the problems of the Mars aspect, face them and think of them as opportunities of growth. This sort of approach is called the Medium Learning triangle, when you learn through your trials.


New moon and its square aspect with Mars will bring a challenging crisis in your life. It would be of a competitive nature. There is a good chance of conflict in egos as someone tries to put you down and you resist. Such an aspect makes way for a boiling pot of all kinds of negative emotions such as resentment and anger. Unless these emotions are vented in a constructive way, they will lead to a blow up and might cause harm. Exercise is a good way of letting off some steam.

New moon and Semi-sextile Uranus symbolizes the need of research and curiosity for you to solve your problems. Raise questions and look for answers and your troubles will be solved along the way. Knowledge is everywhere and it can come in the most unexpected forms and from unlikely sources.

Mars trine Uranus will be bringing together the harmony that is needed for a happy time. The conflict would definitely be challenging but in the process of solving it you might come across many sweet surprises. Remain motivated and keep your drive high and you’ll make it past this time just fine.

The time is also ripe for some experimentation in the matters of love. More sexual energy can be very fruitful for you, if only you are brave enough to initiate things.

Chiron’s presence indicates that some of your deepest wounds will get unearthed this time. Chiron is a pro when it comes to digging up things you don’t want to face. It will be painful for sure for it will be a great opportunity for you to learn and grow from your mistakes. And also heal yourself for the better.

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