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Horoscopes For The Week Of June 24th: Powerful Energies Are Coming Our Way

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by Conscious Reminder

This week will be an eventful one for you. Have you been authentic to your own self or have you been loitering around people to get validation from them? It’s time to check your authenticity.

Powerful and a multitude of changes are coming your way this week. All you need to do in channelize it through you and make the power come to you.

There are three main things happening this time: the solstice happened, the Full moon energy is with us and there is the Neptune retrograde too. Here is what the June 23rd Week is bringing for us:


It’s time to examine your space. On 6th March, Taurus was influenced by the side-spinning planet and it bright about the chaos in your life. Now, it’s time for some clarity. Start bringing disciple in your life and that is through decluttering or setting up things in the proper way so that everything becomes more organized. So, you have a busy week ahead of you. Be ready. It will also have an influence on how you converse with people.


There are so many people to talk too. But you have little time. Other people too have little time. Plus, as a Taurus, you engage in small talk but don’t want to delve deeper. What’s the problem? Don’t be afraid of revealing your vulnerability to others. Of course, trust is a big issue but if you have a BFF, then pour it all out to them. Maybe they will show you a way you never thought existed.


The Solstice happened in your season so, it brought some busy energy upon you. It’s time to settle on your finances. If you are not finding any way to boost your finances, then maybe it’s time to start increasing your networking. Talk to others, build friendships and networks. Things will start changing around you. Also, start caring for yourself a bit. It will help you too.


You are a caring soul. No one needs to tell you their needs, you can understand it by yourself. That’s why they come to you. But on the other hand, when you need something, you have to spell everything out. Why can’t others be as intuitive? Well, you have to start asking something from someone so start small. Warm it up slowly. Ask someone to bring wine, maybe? As soon as the New Moon comes in on 2nd July, you can understand how to do things the right way. Plus, it’s your season coming up – so, start celebrating.


Project, parties – this week is hectic for you! There are projects to complete and you might be going for some parties too. You want to be the leader of everything and do everything right – the problem is: it’s going to be really hectic and you might even get frustrated. Divide a little maybe. Also, Mercury, Venus, Sun and Mars are getting into your resistance area – so there will be obstacles that you need to get over.


You are engaging more with virtual people than real people? We know how it feels – it’s safer and they don’t intrude into your private life. But with the Solstice, things like these will get boring. You need to get out and make some real connections. Mercury rules over you so, start conversing. Also, Pallas Athene and Uranus are bringing changes in your partner side, time to take up some responsibilities.


Working hard will not always bring the results that you desire. Sometimes, you need to stop and think about your situation. Sometimes, you need to plug in the headphone and de-stress a bit. Only then you can get enter into a creative phase and find out new ways to deal with things. Maybe get a coach or friends to help you out if you are facing a creative block. Engage in spiritual exercises. Feeling better?


Everything does not have to get so serious! Bring some humor into your life now. You can plan it out – see the lighter parts of things as well. Transformation is coming to you due to the solstice. Enjoy yourself – remember, being happy is your birthright. You might be someone trying to fight for abortion or climate change but bring in some joy too. Also, cut out negative people from your life. Also, partnerships are going to be fresh during this time. So, start building relationships with a loved one.


As planets start entering your eighth house, you are starting to enter into the state of comparing with others and then entering the state of despair. It is a terrible phase – you think you can be a best in some place, but that’s not how it goes. You can be good but comparing will only make you feel worse about yourself. So, choose your path and walk on it – bless the people you compete with. You are unique and so are they. There is no competition. There will be a relationship that will draw your attention. But think about it before you leap towards it.


Your eyes in on the goal but when you have your eyes set on something, you forget everything around you. Even the helpful people who want to be beside you. So, let the solstice help you enter into a state where you acknowledge the people around you. Capricorn, remember strength lies in unity not division. Early August also brings a strong partnership. If you feel the air in your wings, then it’s time to turn the page and begin a brand-new chapter. You are memories to treasure – find that magic.


You have entered into a routine which you can’t get out of. And now, it’s kind of getting boring. Time to spice things up a bit. Challenge your own self and start bringing in some chaos in your life. Drink some smoothies if you have too. The picture that you will be building will be a great one – full of kindness and gratitude.


You dream and you act. You have a lot of ideas taken from books and movies. Now, it is time to use them. The solstice is bringing out the actions in you. Start unleashing your creativity on the people. Go out of your comfort zone and do what you love. People will criticize but don’t care about them. Do your thing. 7-31st July brings the Mercury retrograde which will make you go behind the scenes but make the great reveal when Jupiter turns direct on 11th August. Also, start being closer to nature – it will revitalize you. Romance is in the air for you. Are you ready?

The week is going to be a hit and a miss – hectic and finally, rewarding. Be ready. Best of luck.

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