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Mercury Enters Leo, June 26th: Let Everyone Hear Your Roar

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by Conscious Reminder

As Mercury posits itself in Leo, we must all be screaming in joy. For, this is the time when communication would get easier, and straightforward.

For once, you wouldn’t be hesitating to speak your heart out, because fiery Leo doesn’t engage in subtlety; it hits you with a force of a rampaging bull in a china shop. Speak from the heart, and be heard, for everyone else around you would do the same.

Also, you will get a lot more eloquent. Leo always believes in flamboyant displays whilst speaking, and with Mercury to assist it, you can expect a bouquet of colorful words and phrases adorning even the simplest of sentences. You might not be filled with facts and figures, but you would know how to make a statement.

Mercury’s Place in Leo

Just a hint of a warning- Mercury is fast, and smooth. Leo, is highly furious, and explosive. If you can’t see where we are going with this, let us elaborate- you might be afraid or shy to say something which you have been willing to for a long period of time.

But with Mercury’s presence in Leo, words will come shooting out of your mouth with the speed of a tracer bullet. So, be wary of what you speak, and also be wary of what you think before speaking. For as said before, there is no time for subtlety here.

But, everything is not a problem. With Mercury in Leo, you will get a chance to seek the thrill that all Leos boast of. Since Leo, while fiery, also enjoys in light hearted witticisms, you might find yourself beset with jokes and banter all around.

Also, Leo’s position as someone with a lot of swagger and confidence is going to bring us out of our shell, and right into the center of the crowd. So, if you had any engagements for speaking, now is the moment to fix them.

And finally, you will get a lot more creative when Mercury finds itself in Leo. An opportunity to funnel all of Leo’s artistic capabilities into something useful is upon you, and it is important that you pick up that pen, or that brush, and create.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde in Leo comes with the usual brash and bright nature of Mercury AND Leo. There will be a sense of urgency all around, while throwing in drama in the mix.

Our way of expressing ourselves would get really over the top, flamboyant, and quite irritating after some point of time. So, watch yourself for that.

On the other side of the coin, we would get really headstrong with our ideas and believe them to be the be-all of all solutions. Not only that, but we would be forcing our opinions on people with differing opinions, and this might cause some friction that is heavily unneeded.

Born With Mercury in Leo

Firstly, you are flamboyant. You like a little show, a little drama, and a little flair to everything that you do. You don’t do normal, but always go over the top, which might seem a bit flashy for other, earthier zodiacs.

You can get a bit pushy with your ideas, which might make people angry, or feel disappointed. You are confident in your ideas, but you try to shove them on other people, without them really wishing for it.

You are also a natural born leader, always taking charge in chaos. People around you are somewhat in awe of your skills in leadership, and any project with you at the helm, is always great.

Finally, you aren’t someone who focuses on the nitty-gritties of life. You tend to look at the bigger picture, without really caring much about facts and figures. You like making a statement.

That’s you.

Mercury in Leo Traits:

  • Confident
  • Enthusiastic
  • Dramatic
  • Authoritative
  • Direct
  • Persuasive
  • Warm
  • Playful
  • Creative

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