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Chiron, The Wounded Healer, Is Retrograding – Looking Over Our Mistakes

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by Conscious Reminder

Chiron’s retrograde began on 8th July in Aries and it will last till 12th December 2019.

Incidentally, it is the only retrograde Chiron has gone for this year following its arrival in Aries in February. This retrograde will ensure that you know what is going to come in the next few years- a gentle reminder if you will.

Also referred to as the ‘wounded healer’, Chiron would be present in Aries till 2027 giving us ample time to adapt to the many energies that it contains. Nevertheless, 8th July is an important date.

Chiron will be static in the sky this day and after that, it would take a reverse spiral throughout the rest of the year. It is important to note what’s coming your way on this day because you would get so immersed in the retrograde for the rest of the year that you would truly feel like you are in a mess.

This Chiron Retrograde, there are a number of things we need to focus on:

Health and Wellbeing

Chiron is the wounded healer, and Aries tends to rule over our head. So, it is obvious that you need to look after illnesses of the head, ears, eyes or sinuses. This retrograde, you need to go deeper inside yourself to see if you are into self-care.

Mental Health

This retrograde is useful since its presence in Aries will lead to authentic thinking, and leadership skills. Get out of your victim mindset and see the world for what it truly is. And you would find that your ideas regarding things are changing.

Emotional Well-being

You need to support yourself this retrograde. You can’t simply be used as a trashcan for other’s emotions. You should establish some boundaries, which might also bring up some old anger into the mix. To assist you in maintaining a semblance of control in your life, you need to clear that out.

Spiritual Well-being

This retrograde will force you to think about your identity – who are you? Also, you need to listen to the universe in order to get some motivation to go through your comfort zone and into progress.

Soul Healing

We all are hurt inside, some way or the other. This retrograde will allow us to accept those wounds as a part of ourselves, and realize that we are healing inside, however much it feels otherwise.

Chiron in Aries wants us to be the truest version of ourselves. It wants us to be leaders in our lives while knowing that there is nothing impossible that we can’t get across. It does not want us to get petrified by fear of our previous losses when we know it in our heart that we are worthy of whatever comes to us. It wants us to be brave and fearless, when in pursuit of success.

Accept your wounds as your identity, instead of wearing it like a badge. Use it to help others who are wounded. If you really want to bring about a change in this world, you would need to herald that yourself.

If you are still unsure of what Chiron in Aries can do, reflect on these dates-

1. 18 April, 2018

2. 18 February, 2019

3. 22 March, 2019

You are bound to find some common themes in these dates.

With Chiron going retrograde, there are now 6 celestial objects that are in retrograde in the cosmos. This means that the universe is really rooting for you to lower the pace and witness the miracle of life before you. Introspect however much you want to; it will only help you with the later stages of your life.

We know, July is the 7th month of the year and hence very pivotal, considering the other stakes, but with Chiron in retrograde, you really need to pause in order to heal yourselves of past wounds. Do honor this movement.

And then you will be ready for some real healing, as Chiron goes direct in December 2019.

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