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Understanding The Four Stages Of Death And Why There Is Nothing To Worry About

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Did you know that there are four stages of the process of death?

And did you know that all of them depend on the spiritual upbringing of the person?

Well, if you want to learn something more about the four stages of death, keep reading.

The first stage is when the Angel of Death comes to collect our soul and this happens during the process of body failure. This Angel of Death is known by different names in different cultures. What this Angel of Death does is that it separates our soul from our body. Thus, our body is left lifeless as the bodily journey ends. The Angel pulls us through a tunnel of light which makes us completely forget our past and what has happened to us in the past. After this, we become full of peace and satisfaction as we see a spot of super bright light and gradually this spot becomes larger and larger.

The second stage happens when we reach our destination where the Angel of death takes us to. He relinquishes his duties and we are left to face the amazingly bright light in front of us. In this light, we see the God that we have faith in. The God welcomes us to the realm of light and peace.

The third stage of death is the one which is about reviewing and assessing. In this stage all of the actions that we indulged in, in our life are under the scanner. Although this process happens in an instant, this process tells us what kind of energy were we able to create during our life; whether it was about love or jealousy or greed, whatever. This stage makes the soul realize the mistakes that have been committed.

The fourth stage is the stage in which we learn the lessons that we were supposed to learn through our journey of life. We decide these lessons on our own with absolute honesty and no judgment at all. After this stage, the process of “recycle” of our soul takes place and we are sent back to live a new life with new parents and new surroundings.

This process is different for everyone because we are all on different planes of spiritual experience. But the common thing about this process is that this process is full of love and gratitude. It gives us peace and satisfaction and it humbles our soul and guides our being. For almost everyone, this process is positive but if this process is negative for someone, they can plead to God and God surely leads them to the light of happiness and solace.

What you have to always remember about the idea of death is that you don’t have to be scared or afraid of it. All of us are going to die and the inevitability of this process is haunting yet it must humble us. We must indulge ourselves in positive actions throughout our lives so that this process is easy and peace giving for us.

So, be happy and relax! Death is inevitable and it is the greatest leveler but God is there to look after you and guide every action of your life.

Love and Light!

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