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August 2021 Through Dates: Trip Down Memory Lane

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by Conscious Reminder

As we step into August, Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn are all in retrograde. Uranus will also be joining them halfway through the month.

Under the influence of all this retrograde energy, we might feel a compulsion to revisit our pasts before moving ahead. If we are currently confused or stuck about what to do next, revisiting our past might give us the guidance and clues we need.

If there is currently relationship trouble, or you want to meet a new person, then this month has nice, supporting energy for you.

As we specifically move through the season of Leo, we may be feeling especially bold and confident in what we do. So make sure to use the energy well!

The Lionsgate Portal full of magic will also happen in August. This year, it happens at the same as the Full Moon in Leo. This will be the day when we can attune ourselves with a higher consciousness easier.

Near August’s end, we will have the second Full Moon in Aquarius. The lunar energy will be expansive and abundant and will enable us to activate and shine the flame within us.

2nd August: Venus Trine Uranus

This is an alignment of harmony. It indicates that we might find love where we least expect it. This energy will also do wonders for relationships. It is a time for enjoying our loved ones’ company.

6th August: Sun Square Uranus

This day has the potential to be volatile. We might be feeling a bit off-balance or some information on that day may perturb us. But whatever happens, it is probably short-lived. Wait it out, and you will begin feeling much empowered and clearer.

8th August: Lionsgate Portal 8/8 + Leo New Moon

One of August’s most magical times, it will shower us with some energy of high frequency. Such energy may be used to do work on spirituality, healing, and manifestation. But we must be careful of letting this energy edge us into anxious or heightened emotional states.

Use the day’s energy to practice gentility and self-care. Also, set the following months’ intentions during this day. It is a powerful day for setting intentions.

The portal Lionsgate 88 is activated when Sirius, the Sun of Leo, rises. 88 is believed to represent activations in our DNA. So on the day, Sirius sends light codes that can be used to activate the DNA.

15th August: Venus Enters Libra

Venus, the Love Goddess enters one of the signs it is ruled by. On this day, we might find balance or harmony regarding relationships. This energy can also be used to invite more money, love, and beauty to our lives.

19th August: Uranus Retrograde

Uranus will start going retrograde in Taurus. Here it will stay till 18th January 2022. During this event, we might start receiving greater revelations about the whole year’s events. It may also bring a sudden surprise or change. Globally, the spotlight will be on freedom, humanitarian efforts, farming, and industries related to technology.

22nd August: Aquarius Full Moon

We would have to go back quite a while to see such a soft Full Moon. Its expansive energy will boost the mood and let us feel connected with something larger than just us. Jupiter being active can also bring luck, abundance, and prosperity. But it might also make us focus on personal issues.

However, have faith that whatever arises will be handled gently and softly. It also has a connection to July’s Full Moon in Aquarius, we might see some repeated themes.

22nd/23rd August: Sun Enters Virgo

Here, Virgo’s virgin stands for an independent strong person whose source is themselves. Leo Season’s bold, confident, and creative energy will let us connect to our power. Together it will propel us towards what we can truly achieve.

29th August: Moon Wobble

A Moon Wobble can result in extreme weather events or patterns. It can also bring to the surface some doubtful energy and make us question our decisions. Since it involves the Moon, listen to intuition and be guided by feelings.

Overall, this month is supportive. August will bring chances for energies of high frequencies, love, and manifestation work.

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